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Mastro's Steakhouse Beverly Hills Opinions


Heading up to LA for dinner with a friend and am considering Mastro's. We are both ex-NY'ers and wondering how Mastro's is--especially from other ex-NY'ers who have had the privilege of eating at Peter Luger's, Bobby Vans, etc. With very few exceptions, the Metropolitan Grill in Seattle being one, I have been disappointed with many West Coast steakhouses (if only because I am using Peter Luger as the gold standard by which all others are measured against)...I care less about the ambience and what the waiters wear--more interested in quality and FLAVOR of the meats (not looking for a place where you have to top off/add ingredients to cover up a bland tasting steak and am hoping Mastro's won't disappoint)...is there a particular cut or house specialty?....any can't miss sides?...if I'm better off just stopping off for a cocktail here, that's fine...if the steak is truly outstanding, would like an honest opinion and would like to know.

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  1. Excellent recent review of Mastro's is linked. I asked the same question you did. (BTW, I'm a native Los Angelina and consider Luger's my meat mecca, so don't think you've gotta be an ex-NYer to know where the good stuff is :->)


    1. Steaks are wonderful...wine list is absurdly priced, byo @ $25 corkage. Think sides are heavy, gloppy messes...baked potato is fine though. As for apps, stick with a caesar salad. Deserts large, but flavorless.

      Hot hookers, though (only upstairs) :^)

      1. Been several times, sometimes sides are good, other times not. More than once, the steak has been overcooked. Overall, the steak is very good, and if you like Luger's you're not going for the sides anyways.

        1. overrated.
          just another steak.
          vastly overpriced.
          sides are terrible -- the WORST creamed spinach in creation.

          ruth's chris is where it's at for steak - the butter is the difference.

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            If you consider Ruth's Chris - and you should - go to the Beverly Hills location. Some of the new restaurants have the ambiance of Disneyland: efficient but incredibly programmed.

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              Jordan - Felt somewhat the same, yet having had my standard petit filet at the Woodland Hills RC a week or so ago was quite disappointing. More gristle than it should have had. However, did get it served rare and on a room temp. plate, which surprised the server when requested. O-Rings still very good though. Guess I will have to stick to BH for steaks, unless I eat at Max here in Sherman Oaks, whose filet is a completely different animal, and better for the difference.

            2. I have been to two different Mastro's: one in Orange County and one in Scottsdale. Both times, I have been very impressed with the service and the food.

              My peppercorn steak and my fiance's lamb porterhouse were delicious. We also adored the Gorgonzola Mac and Cheese that was perhaps some of the best mac and cheese I have ever tasted in my life (there are four other cheeses in the mix as well). Portion size is huge and, unless you have plenty of room, you will be taking things home for leftovers.

              Any complaints we had were extremely minor and I have recommended this restaurant to many people.

              One caveat: each Mastro's is different and plays to a different crowd. While the menus are the same, each place has a different clientele and it seemed to me from visitations in OC and Phoenix metro, the vibe and service is adjusted accordingly.

              If you would like to see photos of some of our food and my review of the location in OC, you can see it at http://feastinginphoenix.com/?p=70

              Please report back on your experience.

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                The "vibe" in BH is lots of nice older men taking their granddaughters out to dinner.

                I actually like their steaks, but find the 500 degree plate shtick annoying. Nothing quite like watching creamed spinach boiling on your plate. (One can, of course, ask for one's steak without the hot plate.)

                1. re: David Kahn

                  You think that those women are grand daughters?

                  1. re: Hunter

                    i'm sure he was being sarcastic.

              2. thanks for the replies...not a Ruth's Chris guy--not into the mega chain steakhouses....as for the sides at Luger, I disagree and love their creamed spinach and potatoes. Will definitely give Mastro's a shot, though.

                1. I think the steaks are as good or, in some cases, better than PL's. Although, not much can match the gradeur of that platter of porterhouse and grease, sorry, I mean jus. However, Mastro's colorado ribeye and bone in filet/sirloin are usually great. I have had a mediocre steak on one of about twenty visits to Mastro's Beverly Hills. I sent it back and it was replaced (swiftly) with perfection. Not every steak I have had at PL's has been monumental either.

                  As for appy's and sides they both have different strenths. Mastro's crab cake is one of the best I've ever had. The seafood tower is opulent and delicious. I also love their salads. The sides don't hold up to the rest of the meal. I love the bread basket and pretzel roll. But it is hard to beat PL's onion rolls dipped into their steak sauce.

                  Next visit, you might want to try Wolfgang Puck's Cut. Definately worth a visit.

                  1. I think Mastro's is the best steak in LA- better than RC and Mortons. You must try the bone-in filet...melts in your mouth.

                    I like the snap peas and the steamed broccoli, and the sauteed mushrooms which are very garlicky.

                    I read raves about the mac and cheese on here, but found it to be disgusting last week- whose idea is mixing gorgonzola and mozzarella???

                    The crab cakes are outstanding!!! but they are a "special" appetizer, and we had a laugh when we saw the price on our bill......$29.50.......

                    1. Ruth's Chris can be good (Palms Springs, Irvine are good, but BH location is not) however they don't have anything like Mastro's massive bone-in ribeye "Chef's Cut."

                      Sides are a waste of time at any of these places though.

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                      1. re: Ernie

                        I would rather go to MAX in Sherman Oaks then eat at these other over priced, over rated steak houses and yes I've been to Ruth Chris, Mastro's and Flemings. I would take a Chicago steak house like Gibson's, Chicago Chop House or Gene & Georgetti over anything offered in LA. You might be better off at In & Out Burger.

                        1. re: theo dog

                          I agree, in that the filet at Max is probably better than any steak I have ever eaten at RC, especially so in light the one I had last week at the Woodland Hills location, which is a specific location to be avoided, even if you are an RC fan.
                          Likewise, better than its petite counterpart at Mastro's in BH, and Flemings is really not worth the conversation.
                          And the filet at Max is served with accompaniments, and runs around $28 if I recall. Ask for it rare, you get it that way.

                      2. My favorite right now is the ribeye at Jar. I admit PL makes a tasty porterhouse, but I feel its overated.

                        1. Re: Mastro's BH. Three words. Lobster mashed potatoes.