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Jul 24, 2006 01:10 AM

"Authentic" Food [Split from Northgate Foods thead on California]

I know it has nothing to do with the new supermarket but there were two comments about yogurt and their comparison to European ones. The only one I have found so far in the US which comes somehow close to European yogurt is Pavel's (a russian one you get at WF and Henry's) the rest of them (Trader Joes, Brown Cow etc.) have absolute nothing to do with European (or non-European) yogurt and just taste horrible. The main problem is that most yogurts here are low or no fat one which you will hardly find anywhere in Europe. For some reason people here seem to forget that one of the main ingredients for taste in yogurt (and any kind of food) is fat (as every food chemistry book will tell you) and by reducing the amount of fat you will of course reduce the amount of taste. And please nobody starts now a discussion how bad fats are and why we have to avoid them. Those people only show that they haven't understood anything about food, taste and balanced diet

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  1. ..um read mine again, I specifically mentioned both the Brown Cow and the TJs as the Cream Top ones....TJs cream top comes in 4 flavors: cherry vanilla, blueberry, maple and vanilla and only costs 79ยข...Brown Cow price varies and seems to be just about everywhere, there was even an ad in the new (August) Sunset, specifically noting Cream Top, none of the other variations

    I also *only* buy the organic Cream Top milk at Trader Joes, and have done so for more than 4 years...started out as a new years resolution to only buy organic...and then I saw cream top there... ! (in San Diego TJs anyhow...)

    I wholeheartedly agree about the fats...and they are not bad for you. I grew up on non-diet, non-low fat, non-low calorie foods and have gone back to only eating that way. Solid tuna packed in oil...its the best!

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      Perhaps I should read more careful next time. But my small rant was more started because of the comment about European yogurt (and food in general) and what people think it is. It reminds me on many comments Gayla made in posts about authentic Mexican food and that many people claim to eat authentic Mexican food but never did because they believe the americanized stuff has anything to do with original Mexican food. And I read quite often the same for European food and wonder if those people really believe that or don't recognize that they eat some americanized versions. For example in one post many people wrote how great German food you get at Tip Top Meats and I am suprised that those persons have no idea what authentic German food is or how it tastes. Beside some beer and chocolate you won't get anything which tastes remotely like German food at Tip Top meats. But most people believe that some piece of meat or sausages with sauerkraut and potato salad makes typical German food, but you won't find many restaurants with such food in Germany beside a few which serve to tourists.

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        True... but I grew up with parents born in Poland, during the Depression, and when they came over here, the kraut and potatoes became 'authentic' for them...and the neighborhood I grew up in in Detroit, with either a bakery or smokehouse on every corner, had good, made with skin, sausages and wieners in a flavor I sometimes *need* to have, and Tip Top does that for me. The quality of food made at TT is excellent and not assembly line...again, its the flavor and smell memories that take me there, much like the smell of old, neighborhood Italian groceries when I visited Naples in 1985...I can now walk into the front part of the Filippis in Little Italy, and all that memory comes flooding back.

        So much is Americanized, but a lot goes to what you grew up with. There are adults out there who will go to a foreign country and only eat at the McDonalds/Burger King/Starbucks there...its kind of sad...but they find comfort in what they grew up with.

    2. If you are looking for good yogurt, you should try one of the brands at any of the Persian markets around town. (For example, Parsian on Convoy or International Market on Balboa.) I personally prefer the Abali brand. Even their lowfat yogurt is quite rich.