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Jul 24, 2006 01:38 AM

Rocky Gap Lodge/Cumberland Maryland

Going to Rocky Gap Lodge near Cumberland Maryland. Does anyone have any suggestions for tasty, informal dining in the area?

Many thanks.

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  1. Unfortunatly there is not much around other than the Lodge. Past Cumberland in the next town of Frostburg there is a French place called Au Petit Paris which has been there forever but still good. Hancock has a couple of family-style casual restaurants and Berkely Springs has a couple of good joints. Sorry.

    1. My folks and I were passing through western Maryland and doing some hiking in '03 and looking for a place to eat in Cumberland. We didn't see much that was promising. Fortunately we grabbed a local phone book and realized that all of the interesting dining options were in nearby Frostburg, not Cumberland. We ate at a place called Gandalf's Restaurant and Pub (301-689-2010), on Main St., which had very good international cuisine. Unfortunately I hear this place burned down in '04, but hopefully they re-opened. If so, though, they didn't bother to hang on to their web site. Normally we don't trust places that take an all-inclusive international fusion approach, but this place was great. It had a cool-looking pub next door, too.

      Frostburg also had a promising Greek place called Acropolis, but it was closed that night (we were there on a Monday or Tuesday during the summer). Our waiter at Gandalf's recommended Acropolis, but we were leaving town the next day and didn't get to try it. There are also one or two nice-looking French places in town, and another restaurant that the waiter highly recommended called the Tombstone Cafe.

      Found this site: