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Jul 24, 2006 01:16 AM

barbeque pork, wonton soup, oakland or berkeley ??

I'm looking for a delicious bar-b-que pork won-ton soup in the area. I know its hot! But I have a hankering for soup?! Hong Kong Villa on University in Berkeley used to have a good one. Any suggestions?

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  1. I have a coworker who swears by Gum Kuo, in Oakland, in the complex between 9th, 11th, Webster, and Franklin. It's okay, but a bit greasy to my taste. Ying Kee (across the street, on 9th) has some good noodle soups, although I have no idea if they have barbecue pork or not (and Gum Kuo definitely does).

    1. some of the best won ton noodle soup is at Daimo in El Cerrito/Richmond at the Pacific East Mall (off of Central Ave.), It might be a little farther than you're willing to go, but worth the extra drive.

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        Or, if San Leandro is closer than Richmond, I'll vouch for the wonton noodle soup at the Daimo branch there.

        Daimo in San Leandro -

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          Thanks, we'll give that a try. I've shopped in the grocery store there but never eaten at any of the restuarants.

        2. I love the wonton noodle soup at New Gold Medal in Oakland Chinatown (8th St betw Franklin & Webster). I think their char siu is good too, though I usually order roast duck instead.