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Jul 24, 2006 01:06 AM


Friend insisting on going although I'm skeptical - looks somewhat scenester and pretentious but actually not of that caliber.

Anyone have input on best items on menu? And they're promoting BYOB on their website - what's the corkage fee?

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  1. Lobby IS pretentious, but not even "scenester". It's where the Forest Hill married types hang out when the kids are with the babysitter.

    It is a very pretty place with mediocre food and less than stellar service. It's prices are astronomical, especially for what you get.

    Other than that, it's fantastic! I have no idea what the corkage fee is, but I'm betting if you call them they won't either.


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    1. re: Cereal Killer

      Drinks it is! Life is too short to eat pretty crap. At least the surroundings should be nice and I assume they can shake up a martini.

      I imagine the menu is kind of unintentionally funny to a Chowhound - it certainly is to me:
      -sashimi plate of sushi grade hamachi, organic pacific salmon & tuna 17
      (a sashimi plate uses 'sushi grade' fish! I'm glad they didn't use 'normal' grade raw fish...
      )-6 freshly shucked oysters on crushed ice 18
      (I wasn't thinking they were pre-shucked until now...)
      -selection of artesian cheeses & cured meats 16
      (Calling for help on this but I always thought it was 'artisanal')

      At least we'll have fun with the menu but it's just so derivative - like they filled out a mad-libs using words from a Toronto Life food issue.

      1. re: artificialard

        LOL! That really is a funny menu. And yes, you are absolutely right... the cheeses should be "artisanal", meaning traditionally crafted in small quantities, not "artesian", meaning related to water rising to the surface under internal pressure.