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Jul 24, 2006 01:03 AM

Eats near the ballpark in Memphis

Will be there Wednesday night, looking for suggestions. Going to the game after, so nothing too fancy, please.

Also, if anyone has a line on Oxford, MS or southern Memphis that can't be missed, please speak up as well!

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  1. Considering, you could really do worse than the ballpark food. Rendezvous sandwiches and nachos, decent wings last time I was there.

    1. As for Oxford, I recommend Ajax Diner on the Square; Downtown Grill is also quite good, I hear, as is City Grocery, and all are on the Square.

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        City Grocery's shrimp and grits is fabulous. Period. Ajax and the Grill are certainly good too!

      2. I'd recommend Huey's which is just up the street on Union from the ballpark. Their burgers are some of the best in memphis. The Flying Saucer on Peabody and Second St. has a huge selection of beer on tap. They usually have one on special for $2.50 a pint. The food is very good and some of the seating offers you a good view for people watching. Both places are not a far walk from the ballpark. There are many places to eat within a block right there. You'll probably see something you like as you circle around looking for a parking garage.

        If you are looking for good BBQ, I'd recommend going to the Cozy Corner BBQ in downtown and then driving over to the ballpark afterwards. I love their ribs. Much better than Rendezvous in my opinion. I hear a lot of raves about Cozy's smoked cornish hens, but i've not tried them yet. It's a very casual place. I was surprised the first time i went. It was the typical very clean but simple country diner look. (745 N Parkway Memphis, TN 38105)

        1. another vote for Ajax if you want casual, good eats. can't beat the meat and veggie plates.
          City Grocery is excellent but more upscale.

          Old Venice (on the Square) is great too.

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            Old Venice is now in East Memphis, across from Davis-Kidd on Perkins just north of Poplar. I like their pizza.

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              oh my gosh, what's the name of the little restaurant inside davis-kidd?? i used to LOVE that place. best tomato soup!

          2. Bronte, as presumably in Emily and Charlotte...