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Jul 24, 2006 01:00 AM

Going to Dubai - Houndin' around the world

I'm looking for the best of the best of Dubai - from five star to local joints...any type of food. I have never been to the city so any recommendations / education would be wonderful.



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  1. Avoid high priced places & chain restaurants.

    Hit all the crowded places with construction workers that you can.

    In between is the great Automatic Restaurant for shawarma and Arabic food.

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      Did not go to Automatic, although many people have recommended it. I tried some of late night 'chicken shack' type places about 3km or so from the Jumeirah resorts - really good and like a tenth of the price of anywhere else.

      The high-priced places in Dubai always have pretty good food but it is nothing mind-blowing. I'd agree that it is a good call to go to the local Lebanese/Arabic places.