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Jul 24, 2006 12:50 AM

where to buy young coconuts?

my SO is crazy for the young coconut juice. where is a good place to buy them in bulk? down in socal the ranch 99 markets carried them - anything comparable up here?

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  1. We have 99 Ranch here.

    I see them at Mexican and Asian markets.

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      1. re: shimpiphany

        Ranch 99?

        El Cerrio/Richmond
        Daly City
        and a couple more around the Bay Area

    1. Berkely Bowl carries 3-4 'ages" of young coconuts. If you're in the food biz you can go before they open to buy in bulk, otherwise i would just ask them what their case price is.

      For real wholesale buys, try Cook's. they are located in the produce docks, SF.

      Monterey Market would be another source. And if you want one with your meal, they have em at Vik's Chaat House in berekeley.

      1. Lion Market in the South Bay carries them for around $1ea. Mmmm...chilled young coconut juice sounds pretty good right about now...

        Photo of young coconut from Lion:

        1. New May Wah market on Clement St. has them.

          1. The original comment has been removed