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Jul 24, 2006 12:33 AM

Going to Mumbai - Houndin' around the world

I am going to Mumbai the third week of August - looking for can't miss type of places from five-star joints to local spots.

Any recommendations? Not sure where I'm going to be staying yet but I'm willing to travel anywhere in the city.

Will also be going to Stockholm, Istanbul, Dubai, Saigon, and Shanghai - if anyone knows anything about these cities input would be much appreciated.

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  1. Mumbai - definitely go down to Chowpatty Beach one evening and try out all of the little chaat (snack) stands. Lots of interesting options, festive atmosphere! Saveur magazine had a page on an interesting looking Persian restaurant in Mumbai last month, which I assume is Karim's, but don't recall.

    I am going to be spending some time in Mumbai, Kanpur, and Bangalore this coming month and am also looking for other recommendations.

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      I'll second C Beach. There's nothing like eating Indian chicken "taco's" while taking a camel-ride along the beach at sunset.


    2. You might want to take a look at the restaurant forum of the website

      1. Swati Snacks. It is required eating in Bombay....

        1. The Persian resto is not Karim's which is in Delhi, but Brittania's, and is technically an Irani resto, but serving Persian berry on this board, someone else went there...

          1. i'd avoid chowpatty - too much risk of bombay belly, if not worse. and in general, avoid cheaper places that use water in anything.

            a) parsi: jimmy boys in fort or if you can wangle it, rippon club also in fort.
            b) pau bhaji: sardar pau bhaji in tardeo
            c) moghlai: delhi darbar in colaba (bombay central for the more intrepid). or khyber in fort.
            d) punjabi: copper chimney (don't miss their butter chicken, called chicken bhartha)
            e) swati's and vithal bhelpuri for safe street snacks.
            f) gujurathi thali: rajdhani near crawford market. or thackers club in dadaseth agiary lane. DONT confuse this with the thackers in marine lines.
            g) mangalorean: ty mahesh or trishna. both have been reported to have become tourist traps, but still ..
            h) konkani: try the restaurant in hotel president, cuffe parade
            i) indian chinese: my favourite is still the golden dragon at the taj
            j) goan: try goa portugesa in mahim (its a bit of a hike from central bombay).

            you know, theres just too much in bombay, let me append busybees treasure trove and see if you get any ideas.


            remember that this old stuff, but busybee was the first to show us bombayites what a glorious eating out scene we had. he even reviews viva paschim, which is claimed to be a maharastrian restaurant. it is, but is not my favourite type of ghati food ayway.