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Jul 24, 2006 12:19 AM

Sacramento: want a great lunch near the Crocker

Anything can do. Cost is not an issue. Thanks.

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  1. You didn't say what day of the week. Tom, if you are looking for Saturday, Zentoro is the place. But you will have to go between 8 and 11. It is at 18th and I street. If Japanese and Hawaiian don't appeal to you, try Vallejo's. I believe they are on the corner of 4th and s and they serve brkfst everyday starting around 8 am.

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      If money is not an option, I'd go to the Firehouse in Old Sac for lunch. A couple of other choices nearby..California Fats in Old Sac and Lemon Grass at 900 9th St.

    2. I just remembered about Rio City Grill in Old Sac. A great place to eat and enjoy the river scenery!

      1. Breakfast is not an option. It will be on a Saturday so the Firehouse is out. Lemongrass might work if it's open on Saturday.

        Also it is the Rio City Cafe (not Grill).

        Any other options??

        1. Some time ago there was a post about the steak sandwich at the Hotel on the the river, right across the street from the Crocker.

          Fanny Anns (old sac) has pretty good burgers and fries too.

          1. 58 Degrees & Holding is at 18th and Capitol, if you want to go that far. The food is mostly all about the wine , but is quite interesting...pate's, panini, cheese plates, tatare and charcuterie.

            Too bad Il Fornaio is not open for lunch on Saturdays...GREAT for lunch, and it is right where you will be.