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Aug 30, 2004 12:14 PM

Where Was The Fried Tripe?

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After years of trying to gag down funky tripe I've decided that I'll eat tripe at Terra in St. Helena, or anywhere in Italy. France? No Way! Menudo? No Way!
Did I read about fried tripe here recently? Where was it? I recall "even my child will eat it."

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  1. China Village in Albany. It's the much beloved dry-fried crispy tripe.

    1. We had crispy-fried pork intestine at Joy Luck in Oakland. Very tasty.

      But purists may dispute the definition of tripe. Some would limit it to the four stomachs of the cow (and exclude intestines). The small intestine of the pig is used for chitterlings (chitlins). The dish at Joy Luck was large intestine, I believe.

      On Chinese menus the distinction may not be clear, and both intestine and stomach may be labeled "tripe". At Gold Medal a dish labeled "pork belly" is actually pork stomach.


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      1. re: Joel Teller

        Actually it is well define, but only if you can read the Chinese. In Chinese they are listed in a manner that you will know if it is from cows, pigs, chicken or ducl. Sometimes it may be too well define.

        1. re: yimster
          Prabhakar Ragde

          There is also some distinction made in Italian and French (Iampredotto, gras-double). --PR

      2. You may be referring to the tripitas at the El Tonyanese taco trucks/restaurant.

        1. Try marinating beef tripe in a spicy lemon sauce with a lil brown sugar then throw it on the bbq grill til crisp. Cut into bite size pieces and then squezee some more lemon.

          1. Lots of mexican places serve tacos de tripas or tripitas. I like tripe, but most of my friends don't. However, almost all of them love the tripe tacos, which taste like pork rinds or not-particularly-smoky bacon. Yum!