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Jul 23, 2006 11:48 PM

Frisee - where the heck do you get it in Park Slope?

It seems like frisee wouldn't be so hard to come by. Any suggestions? I'm not a memeber of the coop. Also, in general, the state of greens really seems to be on the decline in the neighborhood. Everything seems so soggy.



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  1. I'm a member of the coop. For $5 plus costs and handling I'll sneak ya some frisee. Otherwise maybe the Farmer's Market at Grand Army Circle on Saturdays.

    1. On Brooklyn Heights beautiful frisee is available at GARDEN of EDEN on Montague Street. I have also gotten very good frisee at FAIRWAY.

      The frisee and other greens at the Coop are not that fresh as they are not flying out the door the way they once were.

      The NYT had an article stating that from the opening of FAIRWAY to the present, the Coop has lost more than 1000 members, and their sales have drastically gone down. Those interviewed pointed to "attitude" issues, as well as parking and payment by Credit Card as reasons they were leaving the Coop.

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      1. re: Fleur

        Since when is the produce not fresh at the coop? Are you a member there? Have you shopped at the coop? The veggie and fruit they carry is probaly the freshest in all of NYC save in line with the Farmer Markets. I have been to the Fairway in Brooklyn and upper west side (mostly for the very exquisite fish) and Garden of Eden (for a certain olive oil) and I will tell you without any biased that yes their produce section is in very good shape but certainly not like the coop. Not even close. Besides, what do "attitude" issues and non acceptance of credit cards and parking issues have to do with the quality of one's goods???

        1. re: bigmackdaddy

          Take it up with the NY Times. It was they who reported on the decline of the Coop.

        2. re: Fleur

          When was that article in the New York Times? I just looked online (out of curiosity) and could not find it.

          1. re: gnosh

            I think she was referencing the blurb in New York Magazine?

            1. re: EJC

              Sorry, my error. The article about the decline of the Coop was in NY Magazine, Not the NYT.

              1. re: Fleur

                Here is the link for anyone who cares. I would not say it exactly chronicles the decline of the co-op, but sort of interesting nonetheless...


          2. re: Fleur

            what a bunch of bull. stop believing everything you read in the times. the coop has some of the freshest produce, the entire place turns over every week in the city. i challenge you to compare fairway's produce next to the coop's- no comparison.

            1. re: josh L

              Hear! Hear! There is no comparison. The taste from the produce section of the coop tells it all. Let them eat Fairway!

          3. "Attitude issues" would apply to the quality of the shopping experience, not only the vegetables.

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            1. re: Claire

              True! But Jen wasn't asking about shopping experiences. She was asking where to get frisee.

            2. Have you tried Union Market (corner of Union and 6th)? I'm not a regular, but it seems likely. Also, I'm sure you'd recognize it, but frisee is sometimes labeled chicory or curly endive.

              Greens look limp (indeed, are limp) right now because of the heat. There's almost no way to keep them happy.

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              1. re: Amy Mintzer

                I was sure that Union Market would carry it, but they don't!


              2. The original comment has been removed