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Jul 23, 2006 11:33 PM

homestyle japanese place on E3rd between 1st and 2nd

i've always wanted to try this place and probably will this week, unless somebody here tells me not to! i think it's called umimoe or something like that.... any advice?

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    1. do you mean.....chiyono? it's very good.

      1. no, there's also one called Uminoie. I've been - it's a pleasant place. Very casual, nice service, good place to hang out and drink sake and have some food. The food is not transcendent, but some items are very tasty - I liked the handmade noodles.

        1. Love Uminoie. Definitely more of a lounge feel in that you can sit as long as you like and never feel rushed. I'd go with whatever's on the specials menu. Yum!