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Jul 23, 2006 11:29 PM

Little Q Mongolian Hotpot in Quincy

Has anybody had experiences there? Looks pretty neat. Basically sit at round tables with a hotpot in the middle. Hotpot is built into the table so, you don't have to reach up. And the array of thin sliced meats, seafood and vegies spread out on the table looked great. Packed a pretty good crowd and mostly asian.

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  1. Where in Quincy is this located? Sounds good! I've been to the Golden Panda in North Attleboro a few times - pretty good.

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      Don't know street number but, it's on Hancock St in the same building where the RMV and movie theater is.

      1. Hi,

        I've eaten there many times since it opened, and I love it. If you do a search on "Little Q", you can read mine and a couple of other reviews of it.

        I haven't been recently, because sitting over a boiling pot of broth somehow isn't all that appealing in this weather, but come fall, I'll be back.

        1. They have been renovating the place, so we're going to wait until they are done (as of last week, they were still at work on the place).

          1. I ate here a couple of months ago and wasn't very impressed. Granted, it was brand new at the time. I had never eaten this at this style of restaurant before and the staff didn't help very much, largely due to a poor grasp of the English language. I made a suggestion to the manager (who did speak English well) when leaving to try to make the experience better for those who aren't familiar and he didn't seem to like that I was making suggestions. Oh well!

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              It seems a lot better than it was a couple of months ago. It sits within this what is to be a chinese eatery w/ many antisipated venders. It is now sort of enclosed within that eatery with nice decor so, it feels more like a real restaurant. Maybe the manager did take your suggestions seriously, as they seem to reaching out to those that are unfamiliar. There is even a very detailed write up in english on how to enjoy your hotpot meal. I details on how to order, explains the various hot pot broths to choose from to even technics on cooking your meats and vegies based on your personnel preferences. I checked the place out last saturday around lunch time and it was packed with many asians and non-asians. Grant it there was a street fair going on but, it looked like everybody was really enjoying their meals.

              1. re: slade

                I find the comment about the manager interesting, 'cause every time we've been (we're white), someone has made a point of coming to the table to tell us how the whole thing works - we're actually well-versed in hot pot technique, so we were musing about how they were assuming all the caucasians were neophytes!

                all that aside - this is one of our favorite places to eat. the food is reliably fresh and good and the broths are very nice.

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                I'd really urge you to give it another chance if you can. Every time I've been there, the manager and staff have been extremely helpful and courteous, making sure we ordered properly, not too much food, making suggestions, etc. I've always felt very welcomed there.

              3. I was just there for lunch and the place was empty and then began to slowly fill...mainly with Asian clientele. I thought it was EXCELLENT. I have recently been to Shabu Shabu in Chinatown and found the broth here to be much more complex...we had the spicy broth and the veggie broth and they were chock full of herbs and spices, even salted lichee!! The meat was sliced beautifully, we had tongue and beef rib and the shrimp was the freshest I've had in a LONG time!! I was only wishing I had gotten a smoothie as other patrons did! Can't wait to go back!