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Jul 23, 2006 11:20 PM

Fast pre-theatre dinner on a Tuesday

Plane arrives Midway at 5:00, and have 7:30 tickets for Wicket at the Ford Theatre. Staying at the Allegro. Any recommendations on a fast but decent meal before the theatre?

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  1. Can you add suite service to your tickets? This is snacks and drinks prior to the show at the theatre and also during intermission. They are pretty good snacks and top shelf drinks including champagne for $30 per person. You also get a private restroom. I'm thinking that this would be worth it only so that you don't have to rush through a restaurant prior. After, if you are still hungry, there are still places to grab a snack or light should be out of there before 11 pm.

    1. They have decent food at 312 Chicago (attached to your hotel). I'd have something light at the bar there and then have dinner elsewhere after the show.