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Jul 23, 2006 11:05 PM

Three Early September Days in New Orleans -- Looking for Up-to-date recommendations

I'll be arriving on Friday 9/1 before lunch and departing on Monday morning 9/4. Was thinking of Gallatoires for lunch on Friday, if that's still a good thing. I researched the heck out of restaurants for a trip last year, and a gal named Katrina messed that up. So I'm wondering to what extent things have changed: new places? places that used to be good that are now not so good? I'll be staying at Maison Dupuy in the Quarter, so would prefer to stay in the Quarter, CBD, Warehouse District (unless there's something further that is accessible by public transit -- can't really justify a $30 cab fare for Brigstens, for instance). Love all kinda of quality chow, and will be dining alone (looking for suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner). Have previously eaten at Bayona, GW Fins, Upperline, Bacco, Petunia, so would probably want new suggestions. Any help would be totally appreciated.

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  1. For breakfast or lunch, head over to Stanley on Decatur, they are open til 3 everyday (edit: duh, that's what I meant, sorry). Same family as Stella! Great breakfast and lunches. Strong coffee!

    Walking along Frenchmen for dinner or a nightcap is fun too. For dinner I like Adolpho's, good Italian food. Also a good area to catch some jazz and a nightcap.

    Muriel's is good. Yo Mamma's is great for a burger and shot of tequilla.

    Broussard's would be a great new place to try. Excellent service and food. Beautiful place.

    1. I like Stanley too and they are open on the weekend as well. Magazine Street has some great restaurants: Byblos, Table one , La petite grocery, Lilette, to name a few. If you go to there is a list of restaurants open since the storm and other food facts. I like Nola in the quarter too, Emeril's testing grounds.

      1. Add to your list: Herbsaint, Cochon, Cuvee, Restaurant August (since you're a single, they might be able to squeeze you in somewhere if you're flexible)...all of these are readily accessible from the quarter either on foot or by a short cab hop. Emeril's, too, is worth a shot.

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        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Yes, we ate at August when it first opened and it was lovely and delicious.

        2. Personally, I think Upperline and Bayona are still the cream of the crop, as is Brigstens but I certainly understand not wanting to spend wads of cash on roundtrip cab ride. Lilette is another place I would add to the list - lunch is fairly reasonable there, especially compared to dinner.

          As far as new places:
          Iris is certainly one of the best post-Katrina additions to the dining scene - as is Table One. I have yet to visit One (different from Table One) but hear it is pretty great too. Cochon is excellent but not as inexpensive as it may initially seem.

          I love Savvy Gourmet's food and foodie-ness - and the communal tables are great for meeting others if you are dining alone.

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          1. re: bodie

            One is excellent, and very affordable. If you can, it's fun to sit at the bar and watch the two chefs do their magic.

            1. re: Crepe Suzette

              One's prices have gone up, and I wasn't as excited about it last time I was there. They're pretty profligate with the salt. Still very good, though. I LOVE Iris.

          2. I would not recommend Broussard's as another poster did. We were there recently in July and it was terrible. My husband's veal shank was all fat. My veal was barely cooked. I was told that if you do go to Broussard's, just get their fish dishes not meat.