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Jul 23, 2006 10:28 PM

Dockside Dave's moved?

I just saw a message elsewhere on the net saying they've closed their Madeira Beach location (new condos) and moved to John's Pass. Can anybody confirm that?

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  1. More research says it's not in the city of John's Pass, like that message implied, it's in John's Pass Village, a shopping area in Madeira Beach. Whew!

    1. It is now in the middle of the parking lot across from the Friendly Fisherman, far from dockside. But it's not there for long. They will be moving sometime in the near future to St. Pete Beach about a block or two south of the corner of Gulf Blvd. and Corey into a former Italian restaurant location.

      1. It's official! Dockside Dave's is now in St. Pete Beach on the corner of Gulf Blvd. and 72nd Ave. And it's still excellent!