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Angelina's & other Hot Chocolate in August

We're going to be in Paris Aug. 12-15.

I'd love to try Angelina's hot chocolate. Is the restaurant open during August? Also, is it in a central location near touristy areas? My family is not as into food as I am and won't be willing to go out of their way for a treat.

Do you have other suggestions for great hot chocolate (I'm up for hot chocolate even if it's 120 outside, so summertime is not an issue).


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  1. I found the hot chocolate at the Cafe Flore to be excellent. We stopped there for breakfast one morning.. it was cold... I came out an addict.

    1. Angelina does have excellent hot chocolate. The location is can't be more central, on the r. de Rivoli across the street from the Louvre. It has an atmosphere of an old style turn of the century tea room. The coffee is good by French standards but the pastries are overly sweet and heavy.
      Another place with the same atmosphere is Laduree, the original is just around the corner from Angelina, up from Place de la Concorde, on r. Royale. There is another branch across the river in the 6 arr. on the corner of r. Jacob and r. de Seine. There is a third on the Champs Eysees which I find the atmosphere being a bit sterile. Their pastries are very good, especially their macaroons which they are famous for. The croissants are some of the best in Paris but reserve these for breakfast when they are the most fresh.
      As stated on the previous post, Cafe Flore's hot chocolate is also excellent. This famous cafe is located on Blvd St. Germain, sharing the corner with its rival, Cafe Deux Margot. The atmosphere is a sidewalk cafe which means great people watching.
      Just a small warning: hot chocolate can be an expensive habit, an order is about 7E at the above places. But it is a large serving and so rich and thick that it is enough for two people...well maybe not. You will probably stumble into most of the above places while sight seeing and all are open in August. Have a wonderful time.

      1. Angelinas makes the "definitive" hot chocolate in my opinion. It's located on rue de Rivoli. It is touristy, and the service is rather lacking, but mixing the Africaine hot chocolate with whipped cream is worth the million calories! I think Galeries Lafayette has an outpost of Angelinas, but go the original on rue de Rivoli. I would only recommend it for dessert; don't eat a meal there--food is only mediocre.

        1. Try Carette on Place Trocadero in the 16th. I am addicted, and require a fix every Sunday for brunch. I also highly recommend their croque madame, and any of the pastries (particularly the tarte framboise).

          1. I can only second Carette. A wonderful place. But then, with the actual temperatures, I can't think of anything better than a nice citron pressé. A hot chocolate right now would be a pain for me.
            http://www.carette-paris.com/ (there's an English version, too).

            1. I would also highly recommend La Charlotte de l'Isle, 24 Rue Saint-Louis-en-l'Isle, on the Ile Saint-Louis, a really quirky little place with excellent hot chocolate... and it's just down the street from Berthillon if you need to cool off as well... (I don't know if they are open in the summertime, but it's definitely worth a look.)

              website here: http://www.la-charlotte.fr

              1. I would suggest the Ritz Hotel in Place Vendome. It is pricey (9 Euros!), but it yields two cups, petit fours, and an atmosphere that can't be beat. Prepare to dress nicely (no shorts).

                A great budget hot chocolate is the one at La Maison du Chocolat stores. It is 3.50 Euros to go, and you can get cold chocolate there also (it's not blended or served with ice- just thick cold chocolate). If you have it inside at the counter or cafes, then it's around 6 or 7 Euros.

                There are La Maison du Chocolats near Madeleine and the Champs Elysees.

                1. There is great hot chocolate everywhere in Paris! I would like to suggest a delightful creperie that we went to in Montmartre. It's called Creperie Broceliande on the Rue des Trois Freres. And, they have the best home made fudge sauce for ice cream, among lots of other yummy desserts and authentic crepes. The chef is from Brittany, and he makes an incredible galette, which we loved even more than crepes. The prices were reasonable, and the area beautiful and so Parisienne (lots of great souvenirs shops, too!)

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                    Never tried this particular crêpe place but this stretch of the rue des 3 Frères is loathsome and touristy rather than "beautiful" and "so Parisienne". Just saying. :)

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                      "this stretch of the rue des 3 Frères is loathsome and touristy rather than "beautiful" and "so Parisienne". Just saying. :)"

                      Absolutely. And I otherwise love Abbesses.
                      -- And why not start a new thread if crêpe is the only subject ? What is the link between hot chocolate in August and crêpe ?

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                        "And why not start a new thread..."

                        Yes, especially when the old one is from 2006 (?!)

                  2. Up front, I am not a fan of super-rich pudding-like hot chocolate. But several of the "best" I have encountered have been at chocolatiers, for instance la Mere de Famille or Charles on rue Montorgueil. And they charge a fraction of Angelina.


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                      My absolute favorite remains the gorgeous, though somehow understated, bitter hot chocolate at La Pâtisserie Viennoise. I usually order it mit schlag for a fantastic taste contrast. No excess of sugar, no unwelcome thickening, and not based on just melting a ton of couverture chocolate in three drops of cream.

                      When I feel ready for a touch of the Parisian style (which can be hard to stomach if you're not fully in shape), I order the one at Café de Flore.

                      And that's it, all the other ones and particularly the "landmarks" (Angelina, Genin) I can't even bear to glance at. I can't even figure out how some people can swallow them and not collapse with a heart attack just on the way out.

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                        Am I the only one who asks for extra hot milk to dilute very thick hot chocolate ? Or have I been committing unnatural acts all these years ? And oh, Genin is the only place that ever refused my request.

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                          You probably are, for I never order those things anymore.