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Jul 23, 2006 10:07 PM

Mashiko - what to order?

I'm planning on checking out Mashiko in West Seattle sometime in the next week. The menu on their website ( is quite long with many tasty-sounding rolls, etc.

Any must-try favorites?

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  1. There are a lot of great things...the one that I can't ever skip is the Mashiko Hamachi. It's very slightly seared, with curry powder and shiso leaf.

    1. I would order the omakase. You always get some unusual and delicious dishes.

      1. My recommendation is to be sure you are seated at the sushi bar. We had inattentive and unknowledgable service when we sat at one of the tables.......

        1. I always order the omikase when I'm there. You can give your waiter, or the chef, your basic preferences - ngiri or sashimi (the types of fish), rolls etc. and the amount you want to spend per plate and let 'em go from there.

          I've had some meals that way that were more spectacular then others, but always had a great time. It's just part of the experience there - to know that you are going to try something that you've never had before.

          Have fun.

          1. Get the omakase, and ask for Chris as your server. Mashiko is prety small, but the sushi bar is usually available. We were there last week, and had some amazing dishes. Have fun!