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Jul 23, 2006 10:03 PM

Petrossian vs Caviar Russe

Hi all,
We will be visiting Manhattan (from Chicago) next weekend and had wanted to return to Caviarteria for a lunch, but it turns out they have moved and changed their hours and don't open till 2pm.
So.... now we are considering Petrossian or Caviar Russe.
We thought we would go on Saturday before our matinee of Faith Healer at the Booth Theater at 2pm.
Any advice?
On which place is better overall or which one would be more convenient to the theater?

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  1. Definitely Caviar Russe. My family, all of whom LOVE caviar (and also sushi) were in a caviar mood during the holiday season last year and we were in the area of Caviar Russe, and we went in (we'd normally gone to Petrossian before). SUPERLATIVE quality caviar, including a plate of spoonfuls of about 12 of their different kinds of caviar, arranged from the finest quality on down. On top of that, they also have a sushi bar with one of the city's top sushi chefs - my brother and I were really impressed with the quality and the flavors. Best blinis I've ever had as well - more crepe-like; I think they, as well as the creme fraiche, are made on site. Overall, the entire experience, as well as the food, were definitely superior to Petrossian.

    1. Just got back from NY. I don't know what the regular restaurant is like but the cafe on 7th Avenue is a great disappointment. The dining area is a dingy platform above the cold cases for caviar sales. We arrived at 5:30 for some pre-theater caviar. Although the place was almost empty, the service was poor. The carpet was still dirty from lunch. The gold-plated caviar paddles arrived dirty, and the blini had been steaming for so long that they were soggy. Even the accompaniments were bad (and we were charged extra for them which has never happened to me anywhere else.) I'd never go back.