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Jul 23, 2006 09:56 PM

Richmond Night Market..good for the food?

or is it greasy stall food. in singapore, stall food is amazing. but 'fair' food can be total junk. we'd like to go if there's a good selection and you can get a little of a lot of stuff.

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  1. I thought the food quality is average to below average, not good. But the atmosphere can contribute a great deal and make for a fun eating experience. I was pleasantly surprised at the variety. There's still an overwhelming amount of skewered meats, but there's also plenty of other stuff if you're not into over-cooked, over-seasoned meat on a stick.

    1. Went last weekend and really enjoyed it - liked the Taiwanese wheel cakes and cubes of tofu (people were calling it something like chou dofu, but I am almost sure it wasn't the stinky kind), and had some very good shrimp dumplings there. I thought $3 for plain sugar cane juice without even any ginger or lime squeezed with it was pretty steep though, and had some of the worst bubble tea and xiao long bao I've ever had there too. You can definitely do the 'little bit of a lot' there, especially if you go with another person.

      Think the basic street food guidelines apply - watch where the lineups are, and be prepared to chat with people about what they are eating to find the best things. (Watch the cooks too - a good cook is recognizable in any country I've been so far. They should be moving with confidence and obvious care even when working very quickly.)

      1. Oh man, I've never been to this market and I would LOVE to see it. I heard you need the entire night to get around just coz it's so huge!

        1. Just out of curiousity... for those of you that have been to the Richmond Night Market; Is there a certain type of food or a specific dish that you wished was at Night market that WASN'T there? Any suggestions would be good =o)

          1. Great question. If we are keeping to the Chinese street food genre, jian bing guo zi.

            I also think a chaat place would be perfect - dahi puri and such.

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              is that like JiDan Bing? i have heard that it is great. have you seen it anywhere in north america?

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                Ji dan as in egg? Yes, probably. Big crepe with an egg broken and spread over it, sometimes with sesame or green onions sprinkled on the egg, flipped and spread with various sauces, filled with various fillings, and folded up to eat like a burrito. Have heard rumours of it in North American chinatowns but haven't seen it in person.