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Jul 23, 2006 09:52 PM

Sante Fe for Opera

Coming to Sante Fe for a long weekend with opera and am looking for suggestions for fine regional cuisine and for pre-opera dining. Thanks

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  1. If you'd search the board, you'll find an endless supply of recommendations and discussions regarding Santa Fe. Someone suggested a place in Tesuque which is pretty close to the Opera House, but I've never been there. My preference is to "tailgate" before the opera. One distinct advantage is that I don't have to sit in the long traffic line getting to the opera and once there, I get a primo parking place. Have fun, the SF Opera is absolutely superb.

    1. I think I saw that SantaCafe is offering a pre-Opera dinner seating at a decent price. Can't go wrong there. I think a lot of restaurants offer a pre-Opera seating. Yes, the traffic is bad into the Opera if you don't go early.

      1. Thanks for the advice. Any suggestions on a restaurant, deli, or market for tailgate provisions?

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          While the Santa Fe Whole Foods does indeed have a terrific assortment of to-go foods for The Opera and tailgating, Kaune's Market on Paseo de Peralta has daily things from Angel Food Catering which are superior, imo.

          A word of caution... we're having almost daily thunderstorms this year. Don't know if it will last (tonight's was very heavy rain and very intense lightning); but this sort of pre-show "entertainment" would wreak havoc on a tailgate dinner.

        2. For tailgating goods in Santa Fe, Whole Foods on Cerrillos is your best bet. And a Santa Fe company called Angel Food catering also provides dinners on site delivery.

          1. El Nido in Tesuque is a great pre-opera dining option. The Tesuque Village market is also an option though I have heard they changed owners.

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              Yes, new owners at the Tesuque Village Market. So far only minor changes in the way the tables are arranged plus more (and better) staff. Changes to the menu will probably take a little longer. It remains very good though not as good as Harry's Roadhouse. I make the comparison only as a "frame of reference" as they're not near each other nor do they compete.