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Jul 23, 2006 09:38 PM

Good Eats on Rt. 5 and the Delmarva Peninsula?

Taking a scenic trip in a few weeks to the eastern shore. Planning on taking Rt. 5, Richmond to Williamsburg, to see some of the plantations and then spending the night in Onancock, and continuing to Chincoteague. Any recommendations for food along the way? Especially in Onancock. Also any hints as far as affordable crab places?

And has anyone eaten at the restaurant in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel? I've always been curious about that.


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  1. As for Chincoteague, I've heard good things about Saigon Village, a Vietnamese place on the main drag.

    The Eastern Shore of Virginia is beautiful and can give you the eerie feeling that you're approaching the ends of the earth, but I haven't eaten much down there. See previous threads about this area:

    In the '80s and early '90s when I was little, we went across the Bay Bridge-Tunnel a few times. At the tollbooth, they'd give out a coupon for a free Pepsi at the Seagull Restaurant on the bridge, in order to entice people to stop there. I remember that the Pepsi was good (this was back when I liked soft drinks) but I never tried the food -- vaguely recall that it was just fast food like hamburgers, hot dogs, maybe an oyster sandwich, and that sort of thing, but I could be wrong, or it might have transmogrified in the 15+ years since. I'd be curious about this. One web site about highway projects calls it "excellent seafood fare." But then, it's a site about highways.

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      we did in fact stop there, and they still give you a coupon for a free pepsi, the least they can offer you after taking your $12. we didn't eat there, however. the gift shop was filled with TONS of schloky (sp?) items and fireworks. the restaurant is still there, and people were eating, so it must be somewhat decent.

    2. Try the Indian Fields Tavern on Rt. 5 between Richmond and W'burg. Haven't been there in ages, but it was good when I was a student at W&M (and was treated by a's not a student hangout and it's not even that close to Williamsburg).

      1. Definitely stop on the tunnel bridge to eat! Bear in mind, it is a cafe, not a restaurant. They have some good specialty items. The fish sandwich is the most understated name on the menu. The thing is big enough to be mounted and displayed as a trophy! Miss breakfast that day so you can finish it.

        Good eating.

        1. There is a lot of good eating on the Eastern Shore...

          The Great Machipongo Clam Shack...the 2nd one you pass heading north has seating, in an old McDonald's Great chowder, steamed shrimp, and more seafood...affordable, simple.

          Just north of the tunnel Stingray's at the Exxon (yes, really). Biscuits in the morning, seafood the rest of the time as well as country-style side dishes.

          Onancock is kind of the restaurant row of the eastern shore
          Charlotte Hotel...homemade ice cream, French fare meets the shore...rooms are great too.
          Bizzotto's, also very good, European and seafood
          there's a new place the Inn & Garden Cafe whose menu looked yummy but haven't eaten there yet...only seem to be open on the weekends

          Also ate lunch at Eastville Inn, more seafood and crabcakes,

          Indian Fields Tavern is the only spot left on Rt 5, it is pretty yummy still though I found service weak last time