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Jul 23, 2006 08:58 PM

Egg Cream with Egg?

I have always thought that egg creams were NOT made with egg and just had three ingredients: chocolate syrup, seltzer, and milk. However, I heard from a long time New York City resident that initially, egg creams were made with egg and were responsible for the foamy head of an egg cream. What! Is this true? Is black white? Does the sun come up in the west? Can someone confirm this?

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  1. Using google, I found three internet sites that have various stories about the origins, and use of eggs and cream, in an egg cream soda:

    1. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and can tell you that there was NO egg in an egg cream. In the 40s during the war eggs were scarce.
      After the war in late 40s and early 50s, sometimes an egg was added to a malted to give people more nutrition as eggs became more plentiful.

      Will check out your links to make sure.

      Meanwhile enjoy your eggcreams without the egg. *S*

      1. I think that someone was pulling your leg! My father grew up in Brooklyn and loved a good egg cream. They are made with neither eggs nor cream! There seem to be two common explanations for the misnomer: egg cream sounded rich, making the product more saleable OR egg cream is an Americanized version of a Yiddish descriptor (which varies from explanation to explanation.

        I still take my father to a deli in Philadelphia that still makes good egg creams whenever he comes to visit. If you've never had one, you should!

        1. No eggs or cream. A pretzel log, yes, back in the day but never any eggs or cream.

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            That's how I always had them in Brooklyn, where I was born...salty with sweet....eggs? cream? in an egg cream....never....

          2. The food timeline is one of the most reliable food references on the web. It says there was never any egg or cream in an egg cream. There are credible sources backing this up.


            One source that is interesting credits the invention to Louis Auster, who owned a candy store at Stanton and Avenue D.

            The article states that "Auster's egg creams became famous...and were based on a secret formula that has never been revealed...The chocolate syrup used was made in the rear of the store, and windows were blacked out for privacy."

            Auster's grandson is quoted saying "People thought there was cream in it, and they would like to think there was egg in it becuase egg meant something that was really good and expensive. There was never any egg, and there never was any cream."

            While the recipe was passed on to the family, the last time the syrup was made was in 1974.

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              The default chocolate syrup used in egg creams is Fox's U-Bet Syrup...available nationwide in most supermarkets...
              "Chocolate Syrup??? Made in New York City! More logical than bottled salsa I guess!