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Jul 23, 2006 08:40 PM

Seven Oakville favourites...maybe worth a stop.

Hi, everyone. As an Oakvillian, here are a few great local favourites. If you're passing through, might be worth a stop:

1. The smoked salmon sandwich at Stoney's Bread Company on Kerr Street. This place has been very favourably reviewed; this sandwich is truly outstanding.

2. Benny's Deli, also on Kerr (just north of Speers, in the same plaza as Canadian Tire). Benny's make a very good donair on pita, a more-than-passable omelette and nice, hand cut, non-greasy fries. A really good diner.

3. Kori's roti. Again, this place is not a secret but their cuttlefish roti is. For me, it begins and ends with their "Sucide cuttle" and "Suicide conch." Be smart and call ahead to avoid the line. Always fresh, always friendly, always worth a visit to Kori's.

4. Colborne Street Deli. It's on Lakeshore, downtown, south side of the street, right near the intersection of Lakeshore and George. They make a very nice turkey sandwich and tasty desserts.

5. Red Chillie (the one on Nottinghill Gate). This is savoury, authentic Chinese food. Always hot and always fresh. A great Young Tom Gong soup and outstanding moo shui. Thye listen is you say "low salt and easy on the oil," which is a rarity among Chinese restaurants.

6. The pizza slices at Whole Foods (Cornwall and Trafalgar). I realize that Whole Foods is anything but a well-kept secret, but their pizza slices are worth mentioning, and the whole pies, at around $12.00, are reasonable. The plain cheese is outstanding - a nice blend of cheeses...comes together well.

7. Oisi Sushi (Cross Street, across from the GO station). Oisi makes an excellen chirashi (sashimi served on a bowl of rice) and a good miso. Their nigri sushi unagi is the best in Oakville (admittedly, this isn't saying much).


From Oakville,


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  1. I would add Pad Thai on Cross Street to that list. The chefs were caterers back in Thailand. Their food is as close to traditional thai as you can get. Prices are higher than most thai restaurants, but it is really worth it.

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    1. re: mtampoya

      Pad Thai? Is that the place right next to Oisi Sushi...north side of Cross Street, across from the GO station?

      1. re: YYZSolly

        My apologies - the place is actually by the old movie theatre - I think the street is Kerr. The chefs were from Thai Satay & more which is on Cross.

    2. There's also Funky Thai out on... is it Dundas? Just west of Third Line.

      1. I used to work in Oakville, not too far away from Kori's. Man, do I miss that place!

        1. There is also John's BBQ Chicken which is in Sherwood Heights - on Kingsway. They make a great rotisserie chicken. Great if you are having a party as well.

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          1. re: mtampoya

            I have been to John's once and wasn't really impressed, maybe it was an off day.

            I find the chicken at Mario's (Dundas east of Hurontario) to be worth the extra 10 minute drive and comparable to anything I ever had in Portugal Village.