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Jul 23, 2006 08:11 PM

Cilantro fever!

I needed a bit of cilantro for 2 recipes, and the bunch they had at the farmers' market is HUGE! If it were basil I'd make pesto, but what can I do with all this extra cilantro? Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. You can...

    ...make cilantro pesto
    ...chop it into salads any grilled food
    ...freeze some for later use (there was a long thread on this earlier. I'm sure you can find it with the search function above).

    1. You can make pico de gallo or cilantro soup...

      1. chop a lot of it and use it as a base w/ chopped onion, carrot, green and red peppers to make pseudo carribean style shrimp. finely chop everything and cook everything but the shrimp until it's soft and mushy. then add shrimp and cook briefly.

        1. You can make a nice chutney/sauce to serve with Indian food.

          Throw some cilantro, mint, chili peppers into a food processor. Process until it forms a paste. You can add in a little plain yogurt if you want it to bw creamier.

          Serve with lamb, chicken, or beef. Or serve as a dipping sauce with samosa.

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          1. re: mangorita

            I saw a recipe once using this sauce on hamburgers, which were served in pita instead of buns. Very delicious! (Of course, everyone in my family thinks this type of sauce is good enough to eat with a spoon.)

            1. re: Anne H

              you could do a cilantro chimi churri, very similar to the above concoction.

              cilantro, chilis, white wine vinegar/lemon juice, olive oil, garlic.... you want only a little liquid so you get a nice saucy paste and spread it over some grilled steak. perfecto!

          2. An Indian restaurant I love serves something like the dip that is described above. It's fantastic, and I'll bet it freezes, too.