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Jul 23, 2006 07:41 PM

Good chow near Leominster MA?

Our daughter is moving to a little town not far from Leominster, MA. Any suggestions for good non-chain restaurants? Either adults-only or kid-friendly (she's expecting a baby soon).

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  1. not much decent in Leominster really.

    There is a good vietnamese place on rt12, almost to fitchburg line.

    Also we enjoy the Weathervane- small chain, but very cheap and consistant for fried seafood.

    There is a diner on Nashua st near UPS that is supposed to be very good for breakfasts, I have not been yet.

    If you want to hop on rt2 and go west some more to ashburnham, the Victorian house is very nice fine dining.

    Also see the threads for Acton area. Gibbet hill in Groton, Bamboo in Westford. Couple other gems around.

    If you tell the name of the "little town" I may be able to make some further suggestions in her area.

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    1. re: hargau

      The town is called Lancaster.
      Thanks for the suggestions, they'll certainly get us started. Would love to know the "other gems" if they're fairly close. We don't want to have to drive all the way to Boston or Worcester every time we want to take them out to a nice dinner.

    2. Couple of other things in the area.

      Mango Grille in Ayer is decent suburban chinese.
      Sorrentos Pizza in Harvard is good-casual.
      Jays at the Nashoba Winery in Bolton
      Fruitlands Museum in Harvard has a nice Sunday brunch
      Kimballs icecream in Westford, especially when the kid gets bigger.
      Shiro Japanese in Berlin

      1. A couple hounds have enjoyed our meals at El Volcan (Mexican) in Lunenburg (Fitchburg line). Very casual. See

        1. In Hudson, there's Chloe's Bistro for more upscale dining. Very nice.

          1. We have lived in Lancaster for over 12 years, and no, there are not many places in the area.
            You need to explore outside the box.

            Leominster has many old fashioned ITAM restaurants on Route 12. We always go to Il Camino - if you can get past the blue cinderblock and cheezy decor... the food is very good and consistently fresh. Their red sauce is tasty, they feature home made noodles with decent prices. Very good place to take children. NO credit cards, only cash.
            The Monument Grill in Leominster (at the rotary) is another choice, although we haven't been there in a while. When we have, it's been okay.

            Slattery's in Fitchburg is fun - an old joint that has been around for years. Good steaks, burgers and hand shaken martini's at the table. Always lots of families and the staff is very professional and friendly. There is a large dining room in the back and the bar, of course, is out front.

            Gibbet Hill is more upperscale - has terrific views and the food is good. Expect to pay more and make reservations. It's along the lines of J's at the Winery in Bolton. Your meal willbe pricey - they serve their fruit wine, not grape.

            We always like to go to Romaine's in Northboro, in a small strip mall at the Route 20 cutoff to Rt. 9. Great small place, excellent food and service. Upperscale and a favorite of the local MacMansion crowd. They do take reservations now for small parties. Never advertised and always busy... that says something. I'd rather go there then to Sonoma's in Princeton anyday.

            We just tried the Hudson Super Buffet, Hudson, MA where Scioletti's used to be. They have the biggest selection of seafood this side of MetroWest. We were amazed at the choices and even more with the freshness. It's all you can eat, so bring your appetite! The place was gleamingly clean too.

            Places we avoid - Chloe's and Shiro. Sorry!

            Local.... well, there's the Gael House up in Clinton where you can get a burger, the Old Timer, and The Roadhouse in Bolton. Pot luck.
            Let's hope that when Michael rebuilds his Bridge Diner (the one that was torched last month along with Agway) it will be just as good as before. There is talk about a beer and wine license - a big first for Lancaster!

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            1. re: Lilibet

              Lilibet, thanks for the tips. Just curious -- why do you avoid Chloe's and Shiro?

              1. re: chowcat

                Im curious about Shiro myself. I used to go quite often and it was good, then they closed for a while or became a coffee shop or something and then came back. Recently I went a few months ago and we really enjoyed the food. The service was very slow though and the room very loud and tight. Pricing was reasonable and portions large.

                1. re: chowcat

                  Chloe's has never impressed either of us, unfortunately. The service is slow, tables crammed together, food inconsistent. My husband got short ribs once, they smelled and tasted funky. The meat was bad, plain and simple. I cannot imagine them letting a plate of it be served out of the kitchen. When we told the waitress, she argued with us about it. Being pretentious in the center of Hudson doesn't cut it. It just capped several high priced meals that were not up to snuff. There are other places we'd rather spend $$$$$ for a much better experience.

                  Shiro's??? It's always been a really spooky/weird place.. as long as I can remember (going back 20 years). It has been all over the place as far as reputation. Nah, no thanks!

                  1. re: Lilibet

                    Yes it is spooky and weird looking from the outside. Mainly cause the sign needs paint and it isnt well lit outside. Its the bottom floor of the owners house. Inside it is fine.

                    But have you ever been there or ate there? Doesnt seem fair to recommend not going to a place you have never been?

                    1. re: hargau

                      I should have more explicit and have said that we have eaten there - I had tempura. It was okay - nothing special. Yes, I know the owners live upstairs, they always have. Is is not what I consider it a hidden jewel-type of place. You try a restaurant a couple of times and decide that it is not worth it to go back.

                      I'd much rather drive the additional 2 miles and eat at the Hudson Super Buffet.