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Jul 23, 2006 07:30 PM

Boston Restaurant Week -- where should I go?

Which restaurant should I go to? Looking for a good place to take my husband for his birthday and would love to try one of the places participating in Restaurant Week since his bday falls during that time.

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  1. I wouldn't dally too long. Dinner reservations tend to fill up quickly at the most popular places. What are your favorite places in town? Any preferences on cuisine?

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      Thanks for the advice. Don't live in Boston (live west) so we don't get into town that often . . looking to try someplace with good food (obviously!), not too noisy, not too upscale or pretentious, no preferences on cuisine. How's that for vague? It would be kind of nice for it to be mostly adults since we'll be out on our own, without our toddler. I think the only place we've been to on the list is Eastern Standard which we really liked. I could basically just pick one off the list and try it, but any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

      1. re: mkk

        "looking to try someplace with good food (obviously!), not too noisy, not too upscale or pretentious..."

        But, isn't that what RW is for? To take a chance on any or all of the above? If you can't take any chances because of limited baby-sitting and it is a long trip, you should probably stay away from RW altogether. JMHO.

        In any case, if you did not think Eastern Standard was too noisy, you shouldn't have a problem with the noise level at any other participating place that week.

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          That narrows it a bit. As I've said before (see my post at ), RW can be a mixed bag. Here are some places I like (though I haven't done RW at any of them) that aren't too noisy or upscale:

          New American: Ariadne (in Newton
          )French: Beacon Hill Bistro, Chez Henri
          Italian: Grotto, Taranta, Sage, Terramia
          Persian: Lala Rokh

          Complete list of participating restaurants, some with their actual RW menus, here:

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              Thanks for the suggestion, Frankie. Are you sure that Davide is participating in Restaurant Week? They don't appear on any of the lists I've seen. One more thing: could you hit the CAPS-LOCK key before you post? It feels kind of weird to hear about a quiet restaurant when your post SOUNDS LIKE SHOUTING. Thanks!

              1. re: MC Slim JB

                sorry for the caps. I think they are on the list--but if they are not--there is a little quiet quaint restaurant on the list called 75 Chestnut--on chestnut st. in Beacon Hill--very nice atmosphere and excellent food--check it out!!

                Frankie Imbergamo

        2. Most people on here will say skip it since places often offer limited selections and service can suffer. I've had some good experiences with it and will be returning to one...Grotto. They basically open up their whole menu for the special price. This really won me over and I'll happily pay full price on non-restaurant weeks. Another place I enjoyed was Taranta. Not sure if they are participating this year or not, but service was great and so was the food. Get the mussels app if it's on there.

          1. I've only had one bad experience during restaurant week: Brasserie Jo's. All the others have been good-excellent. Favorites so far are Locke Ober, Stanhope Grille, Aquitaine.

            1. I had a lovely lunch at Spire, with good service, a good table and very good food. Unfortunately the crowd was lame, but for 25 bucks I can deal.

              1. I've tried a bunch of places over the last few restaurant weeks. Ariadne in Newton was one of the best experiences. Food was great and the room is nice. B&G Oysters was the biggest dissapointment. And Smith & Wollensky was a good value - I thought I would hate it, but for what you are paying, it's a good deal.