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Jul 23, 2006 07:21 PM

Perigee and dessert tasting

I like my food sweet and I am looking for good desserts in the city.

I went through some old chowhound posts and read about dessert tasting at Perigee. Has anyone ever been to Perigee just for the dessert tasting menu and what is the price range like? Also, are there other restaurants that also has a dessert tasting menu?


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  1. I've done the dessert tasting at Perigee and it was completely wonderful. We had at least 7 courses, each of them very different. The chocolate course was saved for the end, by which point, I was almost unable to eat it! I honestly am not sure of the price, as I neglected to read the bill when it came. But for two of us, with a glass of champagne each and a lovely pot of tea each, it was only $90. Upon leaving, I realized that this seemed much lower than it should have been, so I'm guessing we were comped our champagne or tea.

    1. I invited some of my friends for the dessert tasting and I agree with TorontoJo; it was simply wonderful. Its been a while, so I don't recall all the different courses, but they satisfied the chocolate, fruit and pastry lovers there quite adequately!

      They also offered wine pairings with the dessert tastings. I think there was also a cheese course option, that none of us selected. Not all of us opted for the wine pairings, so I can't remember how much it was working backwards from the final bill. All-in, the total bill for 10 people with wine-pairings, teas, coffees/espressos, tax and tip came in just over $800.

      The Perigee website says that it is 4 courses for $40. However, in addition to the dessert courses, there are amuse bouche's, palate cleansers and a final 'gift from the kitchen'. We were there from 9pm to almost midnight, but we lingered for quite some time over coffee/tea near the end.