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Jul 23, 2006 06:45 PM

Best Pizza (dough) on UWS (Ideally in the 80s or 90s)?

Have just moved uptown and need to find a good pizza place that will sell their dough. Any thoughts?

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  1. I know that Bruno Ravioli sells pizza dough.. Its this Italian Shop over on Amsterdam a little north of Citarellas..

    Also, Carmine from Celeste told me he uses Caputo Flour.. I dont know if he would sell you pizza dough..

    Another good pizza dough is at V&T pizza.. I would be surprised if they sold it to you..

    I think your funniest experience for attempting to buy pizza dough would be at Sal and Carmines.. They have a good dough but, the two old guys who work there are characters.. They refuse to deliver, "what's your deliver area?" A:"We deliver from here to that door right there" And if they like your face the most likely would sell you some dough, or if they were in a mood that might think you were nuts and refuse to sell it to you. Either way, grab a slice from them..