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Jul 23, 2006 06:44 PM

Ribs at Cherry Tree

From across the street, I noticed a whole lot of smoke coming from in front of Cherry Tree, the new bar next to Mule on Fourth Ave. s/o Bergen St. A closer look revealed a giant smoker on the sidewalk with a board saying that they were serving ribs starting at 5 PM today. I know nothing about this place, and we're not going out for dinner tonight, but it did look interesting. Anyone know any more?

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  1. I rode by on my bike and was totally impressed by the huge smoker on the sidewalk, and promise of ribs and corn, but I couldn't stop either . . .
    I wonder if this is a Sunday thing, or . . ?

    1. I wonder how long they'll be allowed to get away with it... (and I hope to get there while they do). It's actually illegal in NYC to do that. I should know, I once got a very expensive ticket for bbqing in front of my own apartment building.

      1. Legal or not, it certainly seems to be tolerated. The new Caribbean/Moroccan(?!) place across 4th Ave. at Dean has an outdoor smoker/grill since it opened (but certainly generates less smoke than Cherry Tree. Also lots of jerk places in Brooklyn (especially in East Flatbush) have jerk smokers out front of their shops.

        1. It's just an occasional thing....but the ribs are very good. They are in fact smoking with cherry wood, in a smoker made from an old building boiler. They have a beautiful garden in the back, too, with a big wood-burning oven where they will be making pizzas.