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Jul 23, 2006 06:22 PM

Chico--Food options near campus?

I'll be attending a conference next week at the state university in Chico. Could anyone recommend some good dining options within walking distance of the campus? I'd *really* be interested in any good bakeries, BBQ or pizza places. Thanks a lot!

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  1. Pretty much the entire downtown of Chico is within walking distance from the campus. That said, since it will probably be about 120 degrees out, Upper Crust, which is a bakery/cafe close to campus is good. Jasco's on 3rd and Broadway has good gourmet-style pizzas (assuming its still there). Its been a few months since I have been up to Chico, but there has always been alot of choice for dining in the downtown core area where the campus is. Just make sure you find a place with air conditioning...

    1. When our daughter spent her five years at Chico State (including the teaching credential she never used), Woodstock's was her "pizza-of-choice" and she also worked there for a couple of years. She was always impressed by the freshness of the ingedients. They are on East 2nd, right near the campus.

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        Woodstock's is pretty good (it was a staple of mine while I was going to Chico State) but I would classify it as college-student fare (where quantity is more important than quality). Jasco's has more of a grown-up, "I don't have to save my quarters for laundry anymore" vibe...

        Another downtown cafe that uses very fresh foods is the Redwood Forest, on 3rd street between Main and Broadway. They are mostly open for lunch and used to do a few dinners on weekends.

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          I'd vote for Redwood Forest. I'm a Chico grad and visited again a few months ago and found RF to be as good now as it was when I lived there nearly 30 years ago.

      2. My favorite lunch spot is Teaz Me located at 250 Vallombrosa - a short walk from campus. They have yummy wraps and deliciously refreshing tea. For dinner, there are lots of options downtown. My favorite "nice" dinner spot is still Red Tavern on the Esplanade - about a six or seven block walk from campus.

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          Teaz Me while having a very short menu,
          is in a very nice setting.

          Close enough to walk from downtown
          and away from the college influence that dominates
          almost everything.

        2. I'd say just to go the Bear (Madison Bear Garden), practically on campus. The A/C is blasting. Get a Bear Burger an ice cold beer. That is the true Chico experience. The menu is not fancy, but the food is always good.

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            This is another favorite. Also hasn't changed at all but is still fun.

          2. Upper Crust is a great rec. Its on Main St between 1st & 2nd.

            Jascos is now called Broadway Heights. I believe its the same owner, different name. I haven't been there for a couple years but their sandwiches were good.
            There is also a Greek place downstairs in the same building that has decent gyros. Jon & Bon's Frozen yogurt is also in the same building(the Phoenix building).

            Smokin Mos BBQ is also downtown on Brodway between 1st & 2nd. My DH like this place but I find it pretty hit or miss. Sandwiches are good though. I believe there is also a Kinder's BBQ on 2nd & ? across from campus. I think its where Woodstocks used to be if someone wants to chime in on the st name. I know nothing about that place.

            Also right across from campus on the corner where 1st dead ends is Celestino's Pizza. Thin New York style pizza, good for a quick slice. Totally different from Woodstocks but I like them both.

            Please report back and enjoy your trip.