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Jul 23, 2006 06:02 PM

Time to Cut Cut!!

Hi chowhounds, well, we went to Cut with friends last night: Hated the room, cold and no character. waited 45 minutes for reservation that they insisted on moving from 8 to 8;30. After my friend raised the roof, they comped us drinks and an appetizer. We all had steaks of course, bone in rib eye was the best, side of spinach didn't compare to mastros, oninon rings were common, crab louie appetizer was good. The whole thing missed for me somewhere. $25 corkage O.K. $212 per couple. Another hyped up miss.

Cheers, Jerry

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  1. Different strokes. I like the room. The service I had was very good. I think your experience was thrown off by the late seating. I wouldn't say the rings are common. They are fine little ones supposedly in a tempura batter but that distinction was lost on me. The ne plus ultra apparently is the real Kobe.