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Jul 23, 2006 05:27 PM

NY Area Chic-Fil-A?

I heard a rumor that there's a Chic-Fil-A somewhere near the NYU campus - anyone know if this is true and what the address is? I'm craving the waffle fries and pickle-soaked bun...

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    1. re: calypsogirl

      Don't you need a student ID to gain access into the building?

    2. I was told you can just walk in. But, I hear that the court is closed for summer.

      I had a friend drive all the way to NJ to pick us up a bunch and bring em back to the bar for us :)

      1. Just wanted to post a big thankyou to you guys that posted this news as I love chickfila & have always wondered when they would open here in NYC. I go for the nuggets myself. Last time I had some was in Indy during 500 week in late May but they were closed on Sunday cuz the owner is a big churchgoer or something. Kinda wierd cuz I was in a mall in downtown Indy at a foodcourt and every other vendor was open but them and that is what I was told. Anyway, good to hear I can get my nuggets, at least when school is in session.

        1. wow, thanks for all of the info, everyone! i'll definitely check it out soon to see when the food court opens again. and i apologize - i just noticed that i spelled chick-fil-a wrong before...

          fallon, i agree that the nuggets are amazing - have you tried all of the new dipping sauces? i always ask for one of each to set up a dipping bar. and are you referring to the chick-fil-a in the circle center mall in indy? i've visited there many times. fyi, i read some info about why they're closed on sunday last time i visited a freestanding chick-fil-a, and i think it's because they want their workers to always be able to have a day to spend with their families, or something along those lines. anyway, it's been like that since i was a kid and ate at the chick-fil-a in my mall.

          1. The polynesian sauce is, IMO, the best packaged sauce in Fast Food.