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Jul 23, 2006 04:57 PM

Amaretti Cookie Sugar

I have found a great recipe for amaretti cookies, but I am having trouble finding the right kind of sugar for the outside.

You know - those kind of opaque white large sugar granules you get on commercial amaretti?

look like this:

does anyone know what that kind of sugar is called so I can look up somewhere to buy it online.

I tried Sur La Table, Wholefoods and Rainbow in San Francisco to no avail.

thanks for any tips

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    1. re: babette feasts

      you are a STAR! thanks very much - that is exactly it.

      I can perfect my cookies at last. The missing link in the jigsaw puzzle.

      1. re: Sixy

        You can probably find pearl sugar at a cake/candy making supply shop; if not, it's usually sold in Ikea's food shop.

    2. Would you mind posting the cookie recipe? I've been looking for a good one and so far have been unsucessful.

      1. The traditional Amaretti di Saronno are not made with almonds, but with Apricot Kernels. Where have you been able to buy them?

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        1. re: Fleur

          I have found Apricot Kernels (peeled seeds) at "Ranch 99" (an Asian Grocery store) in El Cerrito CA. I'm researching the health hazards of eating them. I will be posting the results of of my study and an authentic Amaretti recipe from my Italian cousin on my italian food blog...

        2. I am not using a traditional recipe, I am using a recipe I found and I really like the results of and it uses almonds not apricot kernels although I have heard you can get them at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco. My French firiends who grew up on recipes using with kernels made by their grandmothers have convinced me they are dangerous to eat so i didn't explore that route.
          I can't post the recipe here yet. I am testing it and developing it for publication on my blog and currently tweaking the ingredients slightly for better results. Once I have made it and blogged it I will return here and give you a link. It might be a week or so since I am now waiting for the pearl sugar to arrive, I purchased it off Amazon.

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          1. re: Sixy

            There are false rumors about Apricot Kernels out there... that they contain a poisonous substance...Cyanide!

            The Amaretti di Saronno cookies sold in the US and the Liqueur are made with Apricot Kernels and are OK'd by the FDA. millions of Italians have been eating billions of these cookies for 100 + years, and suffered no ill effect.

          2. that is good to know - thank you - I only just heard this a few days ago and was bombarded with "horreur" stories and hadn't yet had time to read up on it. (I wasn't sure I believed them)

            Either way, the recipe I found is really easy to make and everyone loves it. Undoubtedly it is not authentic, but it is from an Italian family recipe (not my family) where it is much beloved. I have made it twice so far, both times for events, and people were very complimentary.

            I will post up with the details once I have tested and tweaked the recipe for the third time when that pearl sugar arrives.