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Jul 23, 2006 04:43 PM

Great Food, Bad Service

There is an seafood restaurant in my neighborhood with excellent food and ambiance. However, the service is cold and if they don't want you there.

Would you go back?

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  1. Tons of Chinese restaurant in NYC with these characteristics. Yet, we keep going back.

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    1. re: RCC

      I agree with this. When I go eat chinese food, I want good, cheap and fresh. When "good" service is factored in like Shun Lee (in NYC), I find the price not worth it.

    2. How many times have you been? Have you spoken to management about the seemingly unfriendly service?

      If you've been several times, had several different waitstaff treat you poorly, and have spoken to mgmt. about the attitude of the staff - then no, I probably wouldn't go back. To me, service is part of an enjoyable dinner.

      1. i think it also depends on how expensive the restaurant is. i put up with poor service at inexpensive places; great food at a low price sometimes involves rude service. par for the course.

        on the other hand, i think if it's a nicer restaurant (my criteria: cloth v. paper napkins), then part of the higher prices should pay for polite service, if not good service. the higher the prices, the better the service should be. if i'm not worth their courtesy, then i can't see going back.

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          I agree with Artemis....the nicer the restaurant, the higher my expectations for better service in addition to good food.

        2. It was the second time there. I'm going to send the restaurant a note that they should hire help with personality and when you walk in, you should not wonder what to do because there is no host or hostess.
          I eat out frequently and almost every place I go is friendly. A waitress should know that their tip increases with their helpfulness. Fortunately for them, I give a decent tip even if the service sucks...which I shouldn't do.
          Chinese restaurants can be a different matter since the help may not speak much English. But if you smile at me and give me water...that's good enough. But I stay away from those type of places (usually in Flushing) since they are usually interested in serving only Chinese families anyway.
          Lots of great Asian restaurants with friendly, English speaking help no need to go to those other type of places.

          1. Only if it's inexpensive and I am in a patient mood; otherwise, good food does not cure bad service when you need good service.