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Jul 23, 2006 04:07 PM

help - visiting LA over Labor Day weekend

staying at Westin Bonaventure.....any recommendations? i'm traveling solo which means dining alone (ugh) anything worthwhile for the solo diner? i've been to Grace many times (love it) and never once felt uncomfortable there. any suggestions would be helpful many thanks.....Matthew

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  1. Go to Blair's in Silverlake and sit at the bar. It's cozy, the food is awesome, and I guarantee you will feel comfortable there (especially sitting at the bar). The staff is incredibly nice and unpretentious, and whenever I go there, I see at least two solo diners at the bar.

    I recommend getting the truffled mac & cheese side - amazing. But you could probably eat it as your entree and pair it with their great Ceasar salad for a well-rounded meal.

    Here's a link to their Open Table page (their own website is not working for some reason...)


    1. Try Jar on Beverly Blvd. and Hatfields (which is new) also on Beverly Blvd.

      1. AOC (3rd near Fairfax) or Lucques (Melrose near La Cienega) would also be good choices.

        1. Grace team has opened a place 1 block west of Grace called BLD (breakfast, lunch & dinner), next door to Hatfields. Both restaurants are good but different experiences. Hatfields will feed your need for composed plates and fine dining while BLD is casual but ingredient driven.