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Jul 23, 2006 03:12 PM

Good barbecue in Lincolnton, Hickory area

Will be spending a week or so in the Hickory/Lincolnton area and would love some help with a couple of places that specialize in N.C. style barbecue.


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  1. Barbecue King in Lincolnton. Little Pigs Barbecue in Newton.

    1. Not any at all. You should head east on US Highway 70 to Goldsboro and eat at Wilber's. Then head up to Wilson and eat at Parker's.

      *Just joking about not being any there... not sure about BBQ King, but Little Pigs isn't too bad. Whatever you do, DON'T eat at Hannah's.

      If you can drive down toward Charlotte, look up Bill Spoon's place on South Blvd.

      1. Bridges in Shelby isn't far at all.

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        1. re: Ellen of SC

          We only managed to get to Barbecue King -- but my brother admitted Little Pigs is better. Bridges, in Shelby, from a quick look inside seems very similar to Barbecue King.

          NOTE: The rest of my family is normal and couldn't understand nor would they indulge my wishess to eat 5 or 6 barbecue meals in one day.

          We weren't able to get out too much otherwise. Also ate Mexican at a family style place in Lindcolnton that was so-so and lunch at a (Something) Tap Room in the restored part of Shelby downtown that had a good beer selection and a decent crab cake sandwich. However they wouldn't sell me an appetizer sized portion of their red beans and rice special of the day.

          Apparently Bridges tried to open in Lincolnton, but couldn't get Lincolnton customers to try the difference, if any.

          It's actually a pretty good business model. In addition to a couple of salad and sandwich (chicken breast, burger) options, all they sell is a regular or large Carolina style pork sandiwch with slaw and a pickle (sliced 25 cents extra).
          From the taste of the sliced, Lord knows what kind of leftover bits go into the chopped. The sliced, at least -- despite some gristle -- tasted like pork.
          The sauce, even the hot, was watery and very mild. Had to add hot sauce (Texas Pete's, cheapest made) to wake it up.
          Good onion rings, fries so so.
          Plenty of sweet tea and soft drinks, also priced reasonably.
          No beer.

          But very high volume, low overhead (didn't see an adult in the place) and limited menu. Cheap prices. All equal success from a business, if not a barbecue, perspective.

          I've had much much better Carolina 'cue. Will keep trying.


          1. re: Bob Mervine

            Bob -
            BBQ is slightly above average. But Lincolnton has several -all about the same.
            Stay away from Lake Norman BBQ on Hwy 16 in Denver,NC. This is not good.

            Other Carolina places to make a detour would be Hurseys BBQ in Burlington( about 8 blocks off I 40 at the Hwy 62 Exit by Home Depot) and Stameys which is 6-8 blocks from the Greensboro Coliseum. I too like Bill Spoons BBQ on South Blvd in Charlotte.
            Lexington also has several well known places there too.

            All these placeswhere different- but very tasty.

            If you comeback to Lincolnton -take a short side trip south to the Woodshed Restaurant. The entire menu is very good with an emphasis on steak,
            and if you have an open mind about appetizers-
            then make yourself a few tomato and onion sandwiches there. A local favorite and they really do taste good.

            For a special night out in the Raleigh area try the Angus House near the RDU airport.
            A very well known place that serves several courses of great food (steaks, seafood, etc) with excellent service. Enjoy a cigar in a separate area with a drink or two. Really relaxing. Make reservations as it is very popular and people do drive over an hour to enjoy the amenities. it will be heavy on the wallet but well worth it . My wife and I go a few times a year on the way to the beach from Lincolnton.

        2. I am spending a week or two in Hickory - I saw your post ands wondered if you had any information on places to eat in the area (barbeque or non-barbeque)
          Thanks, bill

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            I'm afraid it looks like Bob hasn't posted anything on CH in a few years. Here is an old thread that has a few fairly recent posts that may be of help: