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Jul 23, 2006 02:30 PM

Homemade Sausages at Valley Ford Market [Bodega Bay]

Finding Bodega Bay so overrun with visitors on Sunday afternoon that it was impossible to get off the jam-packed coastal route to park and get out of the car, I turned south to visit the hamlet of Valley Ford, the southwest tip of Sonoma County. Dinucci's Italian Dinners still reigns after more than three generations. The Valley Ford Hotel is closed for renovation and will reopen with a new restaurant, Rocker Oysterfeller's.

I parked in front of the vintage filling station decorated with ancient food and beverage advertising shown here.
A sandwich board sign on the sidewalk promotes "homemade sausages" at Valley Ford Market a couple doors down.

Valley Ford Market, the town's general store, sports a well-stocked meat counter featuring choice grade beef and local poultry. Here's what the meat specials posted on both sides of the front entrance looked like.
If I'd felt more ambitious, I might have opted for the fresh rabbit. But this time the homemade sausages (German bratwurst, Italian, Linguica, or Polish for $5.99 per pound) appealed to my lazy side. Inside, I was pleased to see that these were raw, fresh sausages. Not pre-cooked, not smoked, and not frozen, and I confirmed with the woman behind the counter that they were made here. She said that Dennis, the owner, makes them himself. I bought one each of the Bratwurst and Italian to try. Two plump links set me back $3.75.

I pan-roasted them on two successive mornings for my breakfast. The Italian and Bratwurst are both excellent, finely spiced with a light cure and very satisfying texture. The fresh meaty taste is what sets them apart from more commercial production. The Italian sausage has no fennel. I'm especially taken with the Bratwurst and the juicy roundness of the flavor.

For those just passing through on the way to Bodega Bay or in need of more immediate gratification, the deli counter at Valley Ford Market offers hot homemade sausage sandwiches for four bucks or so. It has a full selection of cold cuts (e.g., Molinari brand salami), sandwich fixings, and local cheeses from Bellwether Farms, Vella and Spring Hill to put together a picnic basket.

Next Stop: Sebastopol BBQ: Bill's Farm Basket and Locomotion -

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  1. ... and you didn't try the Polish sausage?

    Ok, starting up a Bodega Bay list ...

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    1. re: rworange

      Actually, there were no Polish in the case. And I had to pass up the linguica too.

      One of the wonderful things about the food scene in Sonoma County is independent grocers in out of the way places like the Valley Ford Market. Besides being community centers, they manage to have something special. Petaluma Market; Sonoma Market; Glen Ellen Market; Fiesta, Bill's and Andy's in Sebastopol; Anstead's and Big John's in Healdsburg; Oliver's in Santa Rosa and Cotati, etc.

      1. re: rworange

        I stopped by on Friday afternoon again since I was in the neighborhood. That is, 11 miles away at Spring Hill Farm and about as close as I'd be in the near future. (g)

        The Valley Ford Hotel has a sign up that its restaurant would open in August.

        And, I was wrong about homemade Polish sausage. There is a Polish sausage --- big diameter and pale in color --- in the case, but it's not made there.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Thanks for the Polish sausage update. Still sounds like it is worth a visit if I'm up that way.

      2. Quick update for an old thread. Went here today on way back from Mendocino and bought some of their home made smoked salmon and beef jerky. Both were excellent, especially the jerky. Best jerky I have ever had. Smoky, a touch sweet, not too salty. Even better than Angelo's.

        1. I picked up some housemade polish sausages, pre-cooked, and ate them during a kayaking trip. Sliced and seared, they were the great camping food. I paired them with a bag of sauerkraut I'd also picked up at Valley Ford Market (drained it, and lightly browned it in the sausage juices).

          Good sandwiches too. I don't know if they make it in house, but they have tasty kabanosy (little smokey sausages) at the register.

          1. The original comment has been removed