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Jul 23, 2006 02:15 PM

Fogo de Chao w/ a Chowpup.

(I assume this will get moved if it's not foodcentric enough)

I'd like to take my Chowpup (5yrs.) here next week. While I don't expect her to eat for free I also don't want to pay full price for her easily full tummy.
What's the rule of thumb or what's fair in this situation.


(and again sorry if this topic is too general)

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  1. I did a quick web search and found the following at an LA Times website:

    "Price: Prix fixe dinner, $48.50 per person, $24.25 for children 6 to 10, complimentary for children 5 and younger; salad bar only, $22. For lunch, prices are the same for children, $32 per adult."


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      WOW, thank you. I'll report back (as interpreter for the 'Pup experience.)