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Mount Tremblant next week - where to eat?

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Spending a week in Mt Tremblant with a friend. Any suggestions on where to eat, have coffee/snacks/drinks etc.? In the old village? surrounding area? Any cheese shops etc? Not looking for high-end places, just great food, at reasonable prices!

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  1. La Petite Cachee. It was an excellent meal with superb service in a lovely old farmhouse.
    It is located down the road from the new Village...Very enjoyable!

    1. ok, if you're looking for great food and reasonable prices, don't stay on the mountain. The prices are crazy high AND Tremblant has an extra 2% tax on everything you buy on the mountain. You can check out any place in the old village or in St-Jovite.

      For breakfast, i like Le coq chantant in St-Jovite (right after the bridge). For lunch, Antipasto (also in St-Jovite) has a nice terrace and good food. For dinner, if you wanna go all out, check out Le Cheval de Jade (also in St-Jovite), expensive, but you'll talk about it for a while. If you're in Ste-Agathe for a meal, be it lunch or dinner, check out Creperie la Quimperlaise (near the waterfront) and La Vieille Allemagne (next to the church). They both have good food for reasonable prices

      For evening drinks, check out the St-Georges in St-Jovite, nice ambiance.

      When are you going? I'll try to think of other places to go...

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        Just thought of another really great place:
        Restaurant La Table Enchantée
        1842, route 117
        Mont-Tremblant, Québec, Canada, J8E 2Y2

        site WEB:

        check out the menu, prices are ok for a great meal. They are on just outside of St-Jovite, after the Montée Ryan overpass.

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          Oh wow! Thanks so much. I'll be there next Sat., so there are still 5 more days if you think of something else - it's my first time in the area-of course I like great food, but had the suspicion that on the mountain it'd be more expensive--so thanks for the suggestions--will check it out.
          --And thanks MontreaLL for the La Petite Cachee lead.

      2. The better food is definitely in St. Jovite, not on the mountain. We had a terrific meal at Cheval de Jade, which is on the fancy side. For something more casual, and especially if you like sausages, try the Brunch Cafe, also in St. Jovite. On the mountain, Grappe a Vin is very good, but like many places on the mountain, a bit overpriced. Definitely stick to St. Jovite.

        1. Auberge Sauvignon in the Old Tremblent Village is excellent. They have a wonderful French Onion Soup. Avoid the creperie in Sainte Agathe, it's not worth the drive from Tremblent and the service is terrible.

          1. There's also La Ripaille in St-Jovite you can check out. I've never been, but I've heard many good comments and sent many tourists to that place (can you tell I know my way around?? ;) ) . As for the creperie in Ste-Agathe, I've been going there for almost 10 years now and have always gotten great service, the owner and chef walks around saying hello to customers, it's a family business. Also, there's free shows by the lake on week-ends all summer and the restaurant's right next to the lake. The shows are not amazing, but i've had an ok time every time.

            1. I was so excited that leeds posted this discussion. This is my first time here in Tremblant and before coming here, I, too, was wondering where the good eats are in the area. I am SO glad people replied and made some firm suggestions to eat away from the village. My boyfriend and I went to St. Jovite (since so many of the restaurants suggested were there!) and we were very happy with our dinner at La Ripaille. Prices were decent, food was great, portions were generous, service was excellent! A huge plus for my boyfriend was that the place was very quaint and casual; he absolutely dislikes getting all dressed up for a "nice" dinner and then get faced with pretentious service.

              We've had a small meal here and there in the village and were blown away with the prices and the food quality (or lack thereof). We intend on going back to St. Jovite for dinner tonight and tomorrow's lunch. Thanks for the suggestions!!

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                glad to be of help, alleycat81! thanks again to all.
                Memorable food experience (aside from bbq stuff we prepared ourselves!) was a stop at Miss Patate on the way from Montreal to Tremblant --the best french fries I have EVER tasted! Poutines looked great too (so did vegetarian hot dogs/hamburgers, topped with sprouts etc.) Recommend.
                -Oh, and I could'nt even get a decent coffee or croissant on the mountain.

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                  All right, so I know this one's an oldie, but I thought I'd reply and close it off since I'm the one who suggested Miss Patate... Just to let you know they are now closed for the winter and will be open next summer. HAVE A VEGGIE BURGER WHEN YOU GO THERE EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT A VEGETARIAN. They are so unbelievable. So there you have it!