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Jul 23, 2006 01:09 PM

Let's talk pancakes...

I've been having serious cravings for pancakes lately. I've checked out some of the old threads, but I though I'd ask if anyone had any recent recommendations. I live in the Village, so especially places in the West/East Village, Soho, and Tribeca would be good.

From the old thread, I'm thinking either Shopsin's or Clinton Street Bakery. Any comments?

(p.s. I would prefer something more than just plain pancakes...something with fillings, etc and less than $10)

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  1. Definitely go to Clinton St. Bakery. It'll be a wait, bt it's the best for pancakes.

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          Veto. I find Clinton's pancakes to be too granular, and the maple butter is either something you like or don't. To me, it was too rich and cloying. I would prefer simply some good syrup, anyday. Overall, I think Clinton St. is far less impressive than others seem to. I've heard that 9th Street Market (in the East Village) has fantastic pancakes, but I have not tried them yet.

    1. Clinton St. Baking Co. pancakes with the MAPLE BUTTER. The maple butter is the ultimate key. The pancakes are great but you could put fast food biscuits in the maple butter and it would probably be the best meal of your life. Get biscuits to go to save room for big cakes!!MMMMmmmm

      1. i really like the lemon ricotta pancakes at good.

        89 greenwich ave btwn 7th and 8th ave

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          the best pancakes I've ever had are at Balthazar. So light and fluffy and flavorful. I wish I knew how they make them so wonderfully so I replicate it at home.

        2. Clinton St. Baking Co's are phenom, and the maple butter is good on the french toast as well. 9th St Market also has fab pancakes. For Lemon Ricotta, I like Five Points, and they take reservations, so no worries on waits.


          1. If you're thinking Shopsin's, you're right, but they're closed for a month now.

            It's not the Village, but Fairway makes some fine pancakes. Edison Cafe does, too (just go with blueberry).