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Great Thai in DC Proper?

Ok, I like Thai Square and Bangkok 54. What are the best Thai restaurants in DC itself? I'm not looking for expensive, but I am lookign for good and authentic. It needs to metro(train) accessible. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. I think your best bet would be regent thai, in the district at 18th and T, about 10 minutes from Dupont Circle. Much of the food is somewhat americanized but the curries are made fresh every day. If you are really only concerned about metro accessibility, Ruan Thai in Wheaton is only 5 minutes from the Metro and is, I consider with Thai Square the best thai restaurant for taste and authenticity in the metro region. Get the Nam Kao Tod.

    1. Wheaton isn't in DC proper. Thanks for the Regent suggestion. I like Thai Square, but I have something specific in mind, and the requirements are that it be in DC proper and close to a metro (train) stop.

      I'm hoping for more suggestions and discussion.


      1. Kanlaya at Gallery Place/Chinatown is IMO one of the best DC Thai restaurants.

        Nothing on par with Duangrat or Ruan Thai, but Mai Thai and Monsoon (one south, one north of Dupont Circle Metro) is not bad. Mai Thai, I believe is the DC branch of the one in Alexandria.

        1. Dc proper, metro accessible and good (but not sure how "authentic")

          Bua Thai, 17th & P
          Sala Thai, 21 & P

          I eat a lot of Thai and each place does a good job with certain things (ie curries are good at bua, duck is goood at sala)

          1. Rice on 14th Street between Q and R is the best Thai that I've come across in DC proper. It's not right on the Metro, but an easy walk from the Dupont Circle stop.

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              I'd agree with Rice. I also like Mai Thai near Dupont

            2. Not in DC Proper, but on the metro in Bethesda - Bangkok Garden. http://www.bkkgarden.com/

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                Thanks for the recommendations. Bethesda doesn't help me at all.

              2. thai xing on florida is supposed to be great... ive never been but here is a menu link



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                  Thai Xing is often delicious. My wife and I order from them fairly often though we haven't in a couple months. It's really not a place you would go as a group (I'm not sure how many folks you're talking about here) though as it's pretty small. We've been once to pick up food and it's more like a kitchen that's overtaken a basement apartment. We usually order delivery from them. The food is delicious--some dishes are as good as we've had in Thailand, but delivery (and I've heard in-restaurant) service can be awfully slow. It took over 2 hours one night. Other times it can be quick. The chef has come to our house with the delivery a number of times, which probably explains the times when delivery is slow as ...oyster sauce? Overall I think the food is better than any other thai place in the District (including Rice which I want to like but find a little, I don't know, precious?).

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                    Please give us some specific recs for Thai Xing. Especially anything that is as good as it is in Thailand!

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                      Sorry about for not including specifics. We love the salmon with red curry. I don't recall every having salmon in thailand but it's the spirit of the dish that hits the mark. We order it pretty much every time we get their food. The curries in general are quite good. I like the soups (the tom kha gai, standard fare I know, but it is usually better than at other spots) and the yum talay is quite good as I recall. The noodle dishes don't seem to survive the trip to our home. Maybe they're better when eaten there?

                2. I'd third Rice. The same people also opened Simply Home on U Street, which is similar but a bit less New York, more DC.

                  1. neisha thai in tenleytown is cute and i love their food. i moved from the area 2 years ago though.