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Jul 23, 2006 12:33 PM

Eating on the go in London

Here and there, around London there are little kiosks that I'm told mainly exist for the taxi drivers. There's one in St. John's Wood outside the park. I peeked inside to find picnic-style tables, so one could eat inside in rainy weather. The breakfast sandwich was just fine. I wish I'd been able to sample more.

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  1. hey pat, puhlease go get a chicken shish taouk sandwich at any of the al dars and ask them to toast it and prepare it with extra garlic sauce. and while you are there, try a dish called foul muqqala - broad beans, olive oil, coriander, garlic and lemon juice, thats all - its magnificent.

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      Ah, too late, Howler. I'm back in New York now, but I'll sure pass on this great tip. Is that what those places are called -- al dars?

    2. they're a chain of lebanese restaurants and they style themselves al dar 1, al dar 2 etc. there's one on edgware road, one on the kings road and one on kensington high street.

      1. I realise that this is too late to be useful to Pat Hammond but on the subject of food on the go, I finally managed to get to The Gallery a Portuguese restaurant on Brixton Hill, just north of the South Circular. It had been recommended some years ago but it is hard to stop there at the times I go past. There is take away and a restaurant.

        I took away barbecued, spatch-cocked chicken with piri piri sauce and chips.

        The chicken may not have spent many of its younger days strolling round the countryside but as far as taste and eating pleasure went, it scored top points. Served far too hot to eat or even handle, the skin still bubbling from the heat and smelling of sharp chilli and smoke. When it had cooled, the flesh was juicy, tasty and the sauce fiery.

        The chips were also excellent, brown, crisp, served in a bag that showed no signs of fat and, again, way to hot to eat.

        I checked a review that suggested this was not always the case but I will certainly be going back.

        1. Funny you should mention this place. A friend of mine invited me to try it recently and it was well worth the trip South of The River and I don't say that too often

          I will definitely go again