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Jul 23, 2006 03:43 AM

BEST bread for PANINI'S?

where can I get the best bread to make great panini's? is there a certain bread i should get? like italian bread? i have no idea what italian bread is get my point! thanks

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  1. -Trader Joe's has panini rolls in the bread section in a white paper bag, 4 to a bag.They are pretty good.
    -Whole Foods has them in the bakery case section where the muffins, cookies, etc. are & they are sold individually. Also pretty good.
    -Bristol Farms also has them in the bakery section, 4 to a bag.
    Very sourdoughy.
    Can you tell someone here got a panini maker for Father's day ?
    I have been on the hunt too !

    1. I made some with Bristol Farm's ciabatta bread (it had some herbs and cheese on the outside)...came out REALLY REALLY good.

      1. I like the super thinly sliced sourdough bread that La Brea Bakery uses on their grilled ham and cheese. Ciabatta sounds pretty fantastic too. You have to be careful not to get a roll that is too thick or else it won't heat through all of the ingredients.

        Remember - the trick for beautiful grill marks is to spray/brush oil on the outside of the bread and not the grill ;)

        1. The La Brea bakery Country White Sourdough is the best to slice thinly for panini. I find that if you are using a good panini press, it is irrelevant whether you oil the bread or the press. Either way, you will get excellent stripes.

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            I like the LBB Country White in the larger loaf size and *buttered* not oiled.

            1. re: JudiAU

              I could see butter for certain panini - gruyere, green apple and carmelized onion for instance - but most of the time I just use aerosolized olive oil to get a light, even coating.