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Jul 23, 2006 03:27 AM

casual but really tasty in the larger Newton/Watertown/Brighton area?

We are looking for a mid week really tasty but easy on the wallet casual dinner with friends for dinner and conversation. Anywhere in the larger Newton area is fine, the cuisine can be anything.

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    1. Second Kouzina for comtemporary Greek in Waban. Also recommend Karoun in Newtonville for Armenian.

      1. Amarin for Thai in Newton Corner.

        1. La casa de pedro in Watertown. I recently discovered this restaurant. Really good food, a spacious patio for outdoor dining, sangrias, and I believe entrees are below $20. There's also a good variety of entrees, something for everyone.

          I have some photos on my blog:

          Cafe Sol Azteca in Newton Center is also good for mexican. Has outdoor dining as well, but I would still choose Pedro's over it.

          1. I introduced my friends to Paddy's in West Newton, and they loved it so much it became a weekly event. (Irish pub, American fare)