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Jul 23, 2006 02:43 AM

Buenos Aires

My wife and I are going to be in Buenos Aires beginning August 10 for about a week with our hotel in the Recoleta. We would like to try some of the steak restaurants but since my wife is not a big red meat fan, we would also like some other choices. Can you recommend some moderately priced restaurants and in addition a really worthwhile expensive one.

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  1. You will find Buenos Aires is not the most expensive city on the planet. Most of the restaurants there are very moderately priced compared to other cities. The best meal I had there was at La Cabrera, on la calle Cabrera, in Palermo.

    In Puerto Madero, you can try out La Caballerisa (i don't know if I wrote the name well) as well as Bice, an Italian restaurant. If you go there, you can also try out one of La Faena Hotel's two restaurants, which both serve great fish dish.

    A restaurant I really liked also was Miranda, on la calle Costa Rica, also in Palermo.

    Bio, also in Palermo, is a great place for people who don't eat too much meat.

    Finally, try Dora, the "must go" resto in B.A., according to many people. I have been, and enjoyed it, but really had a better experience at la Cabrera.

    Enjoy beautiful Buenos Aires!

    1. I'm one of the Restaurant Dora fans, and can heartily endorse the MUST GO status. I'm sure we'll return to BA one of these days, and perhaps we'll try some other restaurants. But we'll hit Dora first, and if it's same as it ever was we may not venture too far.

      1. Oops! too late now... but try La Estancia on La Valle. Awesome grill. People-watching very good, also.

        How about a report on your experience in BA?

        1. Report on our trip to BA including but not limited to food.

          1. It is VERY hard to go worng here, but my favorites were Morichu and Domingo, both in Palermo Holywood.