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Jul 23, 2006 02:38 AM

Best Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Monterey Park

I have been going to the Dragon Regency for years but alas it has closed down. I need a great chinese restaurant in Monterey Park that has a lot of live seafood in tanks as I am a seafood nut. Let me know if you have some suggestions. thx

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  1. I like Ocean Star. The dim sum is great. The last time I was there they still had their seafood tank.......

    1. Seafood Village in Temple City (another branch in Monterey Park)

      1. I vote for NBC Seafood.

        1. I eat regularly at NYC seafood in the 99 market shopping center at Atlantic and Garvey. Of course it has the B (for Best, I'm told) rating but most of the clientele is Chinese and more often than not, the restaurant is pretty packed.

          They have an amazing lunch menu with a starter of pork and kale or cabbage soup which is so restorative that Mme Z. and I make a joke of its proprieties, its so energizing. We've now eaten through the lunch menu but they have many seafood items, last week it was $15.95 crab and we see dozens of dishes going to other tables with piles of seafood, whole fish etc. The best view is the lunch for the staff - he must make stuff that the waitpersons' Mommys must have dished up, they are that enthusiastic about his cooking (and also hungry, I suspect).

          Last week we had Singapore noodles, curried and packed with shrimp plus chicken curry (took home it was so huge a portion), plus bean curd and huge black mushrooms, shrimp scrambled eggs (addictive cold) - and a couple of other dishes mostly made it home as leftovers and got gobbled up the next day or so as a welcome filler to the table we did not have to cook in this heat. This place is well airconditioned, quick service, clean, nice people and lots of close by parking. How about right outside the restaurant (in this busy mall).

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            NYC Seafood is also my late night favourite Monterey Park place, they are open till 3AM!
            I recently had my birthday banquet there and they did a wonderful job. Glad you mentioned it.