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Jul 23, 2006 02:29 AM

Sandwiches in LA for Hollywood Bowl - Eastside

we're going to FLAMING LIPs tomorrow and want to bring good sandwiches.

Any recommendations around the Eastside? We live in Los Feliz.

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  1. Say Cheese next to Trader Joe's on Hyperion in Silver Lake makes yummy take-away sandwiches. Also, if you hit the Cheese Store of Silverlake (on Sunset at Sunset Junction), you can put together all the pieces for making your own great sandwiches, plus some olives and cornichons.

    1. Can't think of the name of the place, but the gyro shop on Vermont next to the cinema makes good sandwiches.

      1. Village Gourmet might be open today, and that'd be an excellent bet. The guy who runs it (the brother of the one who runs the other one adjacent to yet another Alcove-like cafe in Century or Culver) is a great resource and will let you sample lots of cheeses too.

        1. Ive brought the Chicken Taran Wrap from Zankou at my last Bowl outing, everyone seemed to really enjoy it! Is the one on Sunset still open?

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            According to their website, it must be closed, as the locations listed include Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Anaheim, WLA, and Van Nuys, yet no Hollywood on Sunset Blvd.


            1. re: carter

              The one on sunset is the original, and yes, it's still there.

          2. KP's Deli on Hyperion does a good job with Banh Mi, the funky Vietnamese sandwiches on baguettes. KP is the proprietor and the KP special is a combo that always satisfies with its variety of flavors and textures (think pork pate and fish sauce that work together).

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              Was also going to mention KP, yet not sure if it is open on Sundays.