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Jul 23, 2006 01:39 AM

Best fish market

Im looking for a really great fish market that has a big shellfish collection. I would love to find the names of the wholesale places downtown where local chefs go to shop super early in the mornings. I have been to the Sydney wholesale fish market in Australia and it is pretty amazing. Im wondering if there is something similar in LA.

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  1. Just got back from 99 Ranch in Roland Heights. I got 2 live 3-lb lobsters @ $7.99 each, 1.5 lbs of live coon shrimp @ $10.99. They had a stall with WHOLE yellowtail that I really wanted to get but I'm only back in LA for 1 day. It was something like $1.39 or $1.89/lb but these were big beauties around $10-lbs or more...gorgeous.

    I know people have mentioned inconsistancies in 99-Ranch quality but if you get the live stuff and know what to look for when selecting fish, you can get some pretty good quality stuff there at about half the price of Bristol Farms.

    1. los angeles fish company on stanford downtown l.a. get there very early, i think they open at 4's fun.

      1. The main fish market is downtown at like 4 AM... or you can go to Fish King in Glendale, which is the best fish market in town, at a slightly more sane hour. :)

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          Fish king is just like any other ordinary grocery shop. I didn't see any difference between ralph seafood section and fish king.

          1. re: chow01

            I strongly disagree with you on this. Fish King has great seafood. Did you actually buy anything?

            1. re: chow01

              Oh, please...On its best day, Ralphs couldn't hope to compete with Fish King for anything, quality, service, or selection.

            2. re: Das Ubergeek

              And in OC? Anywhere good 'down' here??

            3. If you are on the Westside, Santa Monica Seafood at Euclid (13th St) and Colorado is the best retail fish market in the area. THey must be wholesale also as they also supply most of the restaurants. I have seen their trucks in Palm Springs.